Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Am Obsolete

I remember after I graduated from high school, talking with my parents about what I wanted to study in college. I had always been interested in the body and how it worked and really wanted to go into Physical Therapy, but at the time, the job market was flooded with physical therapists, so I decided against that. Then I thought about nursing, but chemistry and I didn't get along. Mom had an idea, which I really didn't like too much, but we both talked it over and just new that secretaries would always be in demand.
I headed to college and received an Associates in Secretarial Training and Family Living. When I graduated, I knew how to type very well, take short hand, run an office; I could also cook, sew and balance a budget. 

Upon graduation, I was accepted into a four year college and decided to major in something I REALLY loved....dance. My plans were to go into therapy with it, but little did I know, I was a bit ahead of the times, as Music and Dance Therapy were not really as well known, as they are today. 
That's me on the left
When I had a year left before I was to graduate with my Bachelor's in Dance, the school changed the requirements and did away with quite a few of the classes I needed to graduate. During this time, I found the man of my dreams and we were engaged. Since I would need at least an additional year to the already year I had to graduate, I decided to bag the Bachelor's in Dance, get married and use my Secretarial degree to get a job and help my husband finish engineering school.

During our first five years of marriage, I worked at a bank, and then later on at a major hospital billing insurance and registering patience. When we were finally able to start our family, I was blessed to be able to stay home with our little one. My husband still had a small amount of college left, but we actually did quite well because we had saved so much...we even were able to buy a house!

As time went on, we moved all over because of my husband's job. As the children got older, we decided to homeschool, and I wound up schooling all four of them, which I dearly loved! 
Now, we have a married child, one that will be getting married in a month, and two in college. We are pretty much at the doorstep of the empty nest. Now that I don't have little ones that need me at home, I have entertained the thought of going back to work. There is just one problem....I am obsolete! Remember how my mom and I thought secretaries would always be needed? Well we were wrong!
Now that the computer age is upon us, I have zero skills. When I worked at the bank, oh so many years ago, I was a secretary, and the job I had at the hospital, well, now most hospitals require a degree in that. I've thought about going back to school, but by the time I finish, I will be knocking at the door of retirement age; and I really don't think anyone will want to hire me.
I have done many things during my "tenure" as a stay at home mom. In addition to homeschooling four children for ten years, I have been in charge of several organizations, started a business (making jewelry), learned photography and have been able use my talents in weddings, senior and family photography, and have even had some of my photography and jewelry published and win awards. There is so much I have done during my 30 years of marriage and being a stay at home mom, that I can't put it all down on a resume. I know I am not obsolete, but how could I convince an employer that? 
Well, maybe I don't really need to work outside the home. Recently, I have become an independent consultant for Thirty One Gifts. It has been a bit slow to start, but hey! Rome wasn't built in a day? Right?  Besides every time I start thinking about pounding the pavement for a job, something comes up at home where I need to do the running around, or waiting for someone to show up, etc. I would not be available for all these things.  

Besides...I really don't want to be a greater at WalMart....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pointed Green Things Sticking Up

The other day, the bride and I were doing a little shopping. She needed to go pick something up, and so did I...both these places were in the same direction, so we decided to head out together.
Anna has been looking at flowers and really didn't know what kind she wanted. She only knew pink and peridot green were the colors she had chosen
While at the store, we looked at some of the flowers, and she was not impressed. They were pretty, but just now what she wanted. As we headed down the isle, we saw a section of marked down items. On the floor was a box of flowers. We started digging through them, and came across a bouquet of assorted pretty flowers. Anna was impressed. We dug around and found two more bouquets of the same flowers. She really liked the "pointed green things sticking up."
Here is the start of the bouquet I am working on. I love the "pointed green things sticking up" too. I still have a little more to do on the bouquet, but couldn't wait to show you what I was working on.

Friday, August 23, 2013


We are in wedding mode again! Yes, that's right, our oldest son asked his high school sweet heart to marry him... 
...and we are sooooo excited. 
Pink and green are the colors...pink because that's her favorite color, and green because that's his favorite color. I thought that was a really cool idea!
So, in just 36 days, we will have a new member of the family, and we are all very happy for them...
...even Sox is happy about this, after all, it's because of Anna that Sox is part of our family.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oils and Rashes

This looks much worse than what it is. No I did not break a bone, this thing is on my leg so I won't scratch it. You see, I have this rash...I've had it for over ten years. I've been to numerous dermatologist, and other doctors including a allergist three hours away. He is one of three in the nation that performs the testing I underwent back in March.


Well, anyway, my rash is STILL there, even after I no longer use shower gels, and a lot of the stuff I am suppose to be allergic to. I went back to the local dermatologist the other day, and she told me the reason it is so bad it because I scratch it. I told her I can't help what I do in my sleep. She then slapped this red succor on my leg, and I'm suppose to leave it on until Monday. No swimming, no shower :P

The reason I went, is because I started doing some research, and thought maybe I came across as to what my rash was. In addition to my rash, I've been having other symptoms pop up. They started popping up about two weeks after I got out of the hospital with my ruptured appendix. I thought at first I just had become sore from laying in weird positions in the bed while in the hospital, but after they didn't go away, I started to question all this. 

All my doctor said is that it's just a rash, and that's all it is. As far as all your pain goes, well, not much I can do about it. She has now referred me to rheumatologist. I go in November. 

So, in the mean time, I think I might try some essential oils on my leg. I hear Roman Chamomile and Lavender are the best.

I can't wait to get Big Red off my leg and take a nice long shower and then put these oils on! Have any of you had success with oils and rashes? Or anything else with oils for that matter...?

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love Dance!!!

When I was about three years old, we only had one car, therefore, Mom had no transportation to go anywhere. We were living in the Los Angeles, California area at the time. My mom wanted me to get involved in something, and decided dance would be a good choice, especially since there was a studio that would come and pick their students up.  The name of the studio was Linker-Totten Dance Studio.  Named for Art Linkletter who bought the Totten Dance studio in the area.
This is a picture of my first dance recital; I was almost four at the time. It was a tap number to "The Ice Cream Man." That's me, forth from the left, with all those curls, looking at something, probably backstage.  I actually remember this. I had a green party dress on...green being my favorite color at the time.

Funny story....One morning, my mom was behind schedule,and was trying to french braid my hair, when the van came to pick me up for dance lessons. Mom had one braid done, but no time to finish the second, so she just wrapped the other side into a ponytail and I was on my way...one side of my hair french braided, the other side in a ponytail.

At the time, my mom was pregnant with my sister; about six weeks after she was born, we moved to Ft Worth, Texas. Mom put me into dance again. I am so glad she did. I remember that recital too. I was in ballet and tap at the time, and the tap number was to..."I'm A Flirt!" I can remember the song to this day..."I'm a flirt, I'm a flirt, I'm a flirty with a roving eye....I'm a scamp, I'm a vamp, and I go for a handsome guy....., Hey big daddy! Your gal's a piparoo. I'm a flirt, I'm a flirt, I'm a real big flirty, and I've got my eye one you! I don't mean Franky, I've got my eye on you, I don't mean Elvis. I've got my eye on YOU! DAD! Poopsy DO!!! yaaaaaaa... Korny but cute. By the way...Franky is Frank Sinatra, and Elvis, is Elvis Presley, yep, I'm dating myself.

Anyway, fast forward...
During my college years, I was on various dance teams, and even got to tour a bit.  That was fun! 
After I finished college, I got married, and we had three boys, and one girl. Our little girl is now a dancer. She has always loved to dance, and I am so glad she has been able to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Dance, and now shares her talent by choreographing, teaching and performing.
I enjoyed taking her to her classes, performances and competitions, and even was able to keep my dance skills a little up to par. Yes that's me on the right, six months pregnant with our youngest.
Sometimes, I miss all those hectic competitions.
Before she headed off to college, we were able to go to Virginia Beach for one last dance competition...we had a BLAST!
During college, our daughter kinda followed in my steps. She was a member of The Brigham Young University Folk Dancers (as I was), and also danced with the DancEnsemble there (I danced with a similar type company at Rick's College, now Brigham Young University, Idaho). 
Now, my little girl is all grown up and doing the thing she loves the most...dancing, choreographing, and teaching yoga...
I am so happy to share the same love of dance as my daughter does. I also love watching her perform!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bye Bye Summer, Hello School....

This past week went scootin' by really quickly! In fact the whole summer did. 
We've been a little busy but not too bad. I started out the summer with a ruptured appendix, almost missing our 30th wedding anniversary cruise. We made it just in the nick of time, and had a lot of fun. After the cruise, I spent some time with my family in Florida. We went to Disney for a couple of days.
Mostly, though, I just spent time at the beach and with my family at home.
After my time in Florida, I headed to Baton Rouge to spend a few days with my daughter and her husband. Then it was time to go home and start back on my exercise routine.
Pretty much my summer mornings were spent at the pool. Every Monday through Friday, I was out there swimming my mile and treading water for an hour. Some days, I stayed for either a water walking class or a water aerobics class. Needless to say, I got my vitamin D...

Mid July came, and I was back on the road again. This time to Utah. Two of my sister in laws, my brother in law and two of their grandchildren and I headed to Utah...in a mini van. Took us TWO long days to get there. 
We went to Temple Square, always a beautiful place to go...
We also went to the BYU-Provo campus, to the pool and reservoir, shopping, and shot fireworks for Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is a huge celebration...celebrating when the Mormon Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847.
Visiting with friends and family is always nice, but we could only be there but just a few days, so back home we came...

Now we are home, and believe or not, school has started. Yep, that's right...already. I can remember when school didn't start until after Labor Day....a whole month from now; and NO!!! we did not go longer during the summer. Kids are in school many, many more days than we ever did, and they are not doing as well...but that is a whole other blog....

With school, also comes Seminary for the youth in our church. Each and every school day, the 9-12th grade students get up early before school and head to class for scripture study. This year, I have the privilege of being their teacher. We meet from 6:30 to 7:40 A.M! I have five wonderful kids that come ready to participate, and I am grateful for them. Each year we study something different. Last year they studied The New Testament. In previous years it was The Old Testament, and then Church History. This year we are reading and studying The Book of Mormon.  What a way to start out each school day, with prayer, song, and learning of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suite Cross N' Fold Sea Plaid

As an independent consultant for Thirty One Gifts, we have the opportunity to get in on some good deals before they introduce new products. A few weeks ago, we were able to see the line of new purses that have just come out. Thirty One also gave us the opportunity to purchase a couple of the bags at a very discounted price so we could have them to try out and then show off during Thirty One's very good sale for the month of August.
I chose the Suite Cross N' Fold in Sea Plaid design, because I like the colors and the style; I love how it folds over. It has two straps, One is long and adjustable for the cross body style, and is also easily removable.

This purse has a large pocket with a snap on the front.

The inside is somewhat roomy. I carry my wallet, a small camera, a good size calendar, and my sunglasses in their case (which is quite large) and it all fit...snugly, but it did fit. 
The zipper inside pocket is quite roomy! As you can see I have my hand sanitizer, flashlight, lipstick, emery board, chap stick  and several pens, and still have a lot of room to spare.
There is another small pocket that is perfect for your cell phone.

This is just one of many new purses that have just come out. For the month of August 2013, if you purchase $35 of anything in the catalog, you can get any purse for 50% off! Thirty One has come out with new wallets too. You could purchase a wallet and key fob for around $35, and get one of the many amazing bags for 1/2 off. 

Check out my website at mythirtyone.com/TerryJeanetteCarter to view the catalog and purchase. You can also go to my facebook at Wonderful World of Bags, etc... or contact me through my website above or at wonderfulworldofbags@yahoo.com