Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today is a very special day. My best friend is here. My husband had to leave for his new job in Kentucky back in September, and he has only been back twice. Once during Thanksgiving and once during Christmas, both very short times.

Bill and me on our first cruise celebrating our 20 wedding anniversary
This time we get to spend a little over week together. It will probably speed by too quickly, but I am grateful for the opportunity.

Bill and me at my surprise 50th birthday party
You've heard the saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" well, my heart has always been fond of him.
Our engagement picture (1983)
We've had a great marriage, and four wonderful children!
We've been married almost 29 years! Wow! Time does fly when you're having fun!

Friday, January 27, 2012


 "How I want my house when we show it." That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that this weeks Foto Friday theme was 
Before we listed, we made sure everything was in order. We repainted the iron,

and made sure all the trees and beds were spruced up.
In the back yard we cleaned up the garden beds except for our Rosemary. It sure looks good!
The yard was "pristine."

Besides curb appeal, the first eight seconds after clients enter your home is crucial. We have an open floor plan, and you can see pretty much the entire house--dining, living, kitchen, all in one. I love the open floor plan!

One of the first things one notices in our house, are the dark wood floors. Now when these floors are just newly clean, they are GORGEOUS and "pristine."
Towels! I really think all the towels need to be nice, new, and clean. In my opinion, this makes the place look more "pristine."  In the kitchen I also like my black appliances to look "pristine." 
Love my double oven!!!

And...my stainless steal sink should look "pristine."

One more thing...we have high ceilings, and tray ceilings, so if you are not careful, you might miss a few cobwebs. That definitely would not be 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


In 2007, about two weeks before we moved to Louisiana, my daughter and I went to Virginia Beach for dance nationals. When we first heard about this trip, I was not that excited about it. You see, it takes over 12 hours to get there from where we were living at the time. One other option our dancers had was Nashville, TN. This is where my in-laws lived; that would have been so much nicer, easier, and cheaper.

My daughter acting silly. We just loved these signs!

At first, we decided to make this a family trip. The boys could spend time on the beach with their dad, while us girls attended all the competitions and classes.  Then the dreaded thing happened, we were relocated. My husband started work in June, and the competition was the end of July. This meant that I could not go. Ashley would probably have to go with someone else, if at all. I could not leave the boys by themselves, they were too young. I was very sad.

Then...my mom and dad stepped in. Mom said she would love to come with us and my dad would stay with the boys. So, we had a girl trip. I really did not look forward to the drive. I hate driving long distances (don't mind riding, just hate to drive).  I also hate driving in big cities. This trip included several big cities--including Washington DC! Well......maybe we could try to avoid that.....

Well, when we got to Virginia Beach head to our motel We were very pleased. We were right on the boardwalk and just a few steps from the beach...perfect!!!! Our room overlooked the pool and the beach.

The restaurant next to our motel

We did get to spend a little time at the pool and on the beach.

Ashley and her friend had some time to ride bikes on the boardwalk.

We got to spend a little time shopping,

and goofing around.

But most of our time was spend practicing and watching the girls do real well in their dances.

Sure glad Virginia Beach was chosen, because we sure had a great time!!!!
(Thanks to my mom and dad)

**The pictures used in this blog were taken by my daughter and me, and have been taken from our facebook pages.**
The reason I added this comment is because they keep being taken off from some reason (probably copyright laws). Hopefully they will stay, because I give myself permission to use them, and my daughter has given me permission too...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh So Delicioso Flour Tortillas!

I obtained a recipe for flour tortillas several years ago. This recipe came from a friend of mine who was born and raised in Mexico. Her mother was visiting, and they came to my house and taught me how to make them. They are the most delicious flour tortillas I have sunk my teeth into. When my daughter was away at college, she made these, and her friend who was of Mexican decent told her they reminded him of his mother's tortillas.

I made them today with a bit of a change. The original recipe calls for shortening. My daughter tried to make them a bit healthier by using canola oil. I tried that today, and they tasted just as good. This is how I made them:

3 cups boiling water
6 1/2 cups flour
1 generous cup shortening ( or 1 cup canola oil to make them a little healthier)
about 1 tablespoon salt
about 3/4 teaspoon baking powder

Mix above ingredients (except water) really well. The ingredients should be very unified. Make a well and pour 1 cup water and mix with spoon. When mixed add 1 cup water and mix well. Repeat one more time. When cool enough, use hands to knead dough. Knead for about 5 minutes or so. 

Roll them into balls, they should be smooth. As you can see mine are not very smooth.
Let them rest for 10 to 15 minutes, covered.
Using a rolling pin, roll out. You will need to coat the pin, your hands, and surface with flour. Roll away, then toward you then flip. Repeat--away, then toward, flip--until desired size. This is important, that you do NOT roll them like a pie crust, it tends to make them tough.
Preheat your skillet to about 400 (do NOT use any grease) and put your tortilla onto the HOT skillet. Leave for about 10 seconds then flip. Cook on that side for about 30 to 60 seconds and flip again. Leave for about 30 to 60 seconds and put in between a folded towel.
Make sure you keep them covered, or they will dry out.
When you store them, store them in the towel in a zip lock baggie.
I made them today, by halving the recipe. It made about 23 delicious tortillas. One thing you need to be very careful about, is eating them. Once you start, there is no stopping, and they disappear real fast.

You can use these like you would regular store bought tortillas. Today, I mixed together a can of black beans, chopped up some cilantro, added some cumin, a bit of lime juice, tomatoes, and some frozen corn. After I mixed it up a bit, I let it stand in the fridge for awhile. It is best if you let it sit overnight.
This black bean concoction is really good cold, but I added cheese and heated it up.
I then added a bit of sour cream and some arugula. 
It was very good.

Now I just need to quit eating the tortillas...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Several years ago we were asked to bring a flower to Young Women In Excellence.   This flower was to represent our daughter, and we were to tell why we chose that flower.

I thought about what flower to bring. I love all kinds of flowers. Daisies are one of my favorite. They are a happy flower. I also like yellow roses, actually, I love any yellow flower.  I also like wildflowers. There's nothing like a bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers!

Ashley is a very unique young lady. She loves life and is a friend to all. Rarely have I seen her judge anyone, and because of that, people are drawn to her. I have seen her notice someone sitting all alone at a youth activity; she would go up and sit down and start talking to her.  I can remember as a youth myself, being that girl, all alone and wishing someone would come sit and talk to me. It always amazed me, that Ashley would do things like this. I know how nice it made that individual feel.

At first, I thought of bringing a daisy, but that's too common. Ashley is a very bright and happy individual, just like the daisy, but she is unique, and daisies are not unique. 

To help with my decision, I started looking up flower meanings. That is when I came across the Pansy. Don't you just love the look of a Pancy with it's cute little face? I love Pansies, and you really do not see them much. They are a happy, cheerful little flower, and very unique. So that is why I chose the Pansy.

Now, what to say...

At the program, the parents brought all kinds of flowers, roses, daisies, carnations, etc. Some were duplicated, actually a lot were duplicated. Then it was my turn. I was the only one that brought this unique flower, and I was happy about that.

As I stood, and started to speak, the first words out of my mouth were...

"My daughter is a pansy..."
Oh...my...! Never said that outloud til that moment. Of course everyone started to chuckle, including me. No! my daughter is NOT a pansy! I proceeded...

My daughter is like the flower Pansy...a unique and happy individual.  I really cannot remember exactly what I said, but it actually was pretty good. Even though it did not start out to be the best of words, it ended quite well, so well, in fact, that my daughter kept the paper I had it written on (I should have her get it out so I can look at exactly what I said). 

No, my daughter is not a pansy, she is a very delicate, yet strong woman. She has beauty inside and out. She is a wonderful example to me and others.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Play Time With Sox

This is Sox saying, "Ready for some play time?"

This is Sox ready to spin around on my bed.

This is Sox after a spin on my bed. It's really hard to get her in spinning action...she's pretty fast.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party 5 Non-participant

In an earlier blog, I mentioned the The 5th Blog Soup Blog Party. I have been involved in the last two and had a great time. Because it has gotten so HUGE, Lori has decided to randomly pick who would be involved. Naturally, I was not chosen. But that's ok. Maybe next time.

Lori suggested we go ahead and sorta be involved. In other words, go through your stash and make something, post, and then attend the blog hop on March 3. Leave messages, then, you should have visitors from the blog party. 

I have decided to do just that. Funny thing is some time ago, I won some beads.  Elisabeth of Beads for Busy Gals drew my name, and I as able to get these wonderful beads:

I as a bit overwhelmed, as there is so much you could do with these. Should I split them up and make TEN necklaces, or combine all of them, or combine a few for several different items.

The sad thing was, I just had hand surgery, and was unable to do anything. So they sat. As soon as I was able to start creating, I went out of town. I was home for a few days, and then gone again.

In addition to all this going on, our house has been on the market since September. It's kinda hard for me to get anything out, because as soon as I do, RIIINNNGGGG!!!! The phone, and it's someone wanting to see the house...soon....like in an hour! So I've quit getting anything out.

When I found out that I was not going to be involved with the BSBP#5, I thought, I could just use these beads from Elisabeth. I went to see my daughter last week, and during the 4 hour trip there and 4 hours back, I had a lot to think about (I went by myself). One of the things I thought about was what I could do with the beads. The very next day after I got back, I got all my stuff out, and just started to pull out beads. Soon, I had things that would go very nicely with what Elisabeth sent. (And no the phone did not ring).

Within just a few hours, I had a couple of pieces made. Everything went together so smoothly. I may add one more thing to one of the pieces, but pretty much everything is done. WOW! I even made my own clasp, I can't wait to show off my pieces! So stayed tuned for the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party on March 3.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Bracelet

Been looking at Pinterest a lot lately. Boy, do they have some neat ideas. I decided to try one.  I got these cool buttons at Walmart. I just sewed them on to some elastic, and tada!!! New bracelet. I think I just might wear it to church tomorrow.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Foto Friday Week 4

Sorry, I had to delay Foto Friday,  but at least I was able to get it on Friday, better late than never!

This past week, I was able to go down and spend some time with my daughter. While there, we took some pictures. She has been needing some head shots and full body shots for possible employment. In addition to taking those type photos, we also took some fun shots. Since she is in the middle of getting certified in Yoga, we took pictures of Yoga poses at one of the dance studios she teaches in. I don't know the names of those poses, but I thought they were pretty cool.

There was something that bothered me in these photos, I did some fixing...

Can you tell what I had to fix?

How about now? Can you tell now? I didn't fix it in this picture.  If you guessed the white plugs in the background, you are correct. Stuff like that really bugs me...A lot! I just wish I could afford Photoshop. Maybe someday...That's what I use to tell my kids whenever they wanted something and we couldn't get it right now.
Maybe someday...

Foto Friday Is Delayed

Sorry, but Foto Friday will be delayed this week due to the fact that I had to invest in a new battery and battery charger for my laptop. They are both due today...Friday. Been busy with pictures this week...so stay tuned...

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I Just returned from a nice visit with my daughter and her husband. Wow, do they ever have a lot going on. While Jeremy is working and going to school, Ashley is working--several jobs. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Dance, and surprisingly enough, misses school. Saturday, she starts back up again for a few months, this time she will be getting certified in Yoga. 

So, hopefully, starting this summer, in addition to teaching dance, she will be teaching Yoga...

"You go girl!!!!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test."

I have often heard people ask where God is...He is everywhere, just look around. 

Recently, I read an article, My Heavenly Father Loves Me. In the article, the author describes her day in the park. She talks of people walking and smiling, birds gathering clippings for a nest, butterflies,  spiderwebs, the wind, and the glistening sunshine. Just look around. We have a beautiful world that was created for our enjoyment.

Yes, there are many bad and horrible things that occur in our world. Sad places and situations. God has given us the opportunity to make choices in our life. Sadly, many times, the choices people make affect others around them. It's easy to ask then, why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?  Good question!

We have all been allowed to come to this earth to be tested. One thing I did not enjoy about school were tests. They were not a pleasant thing. Worldly tests are not necessarily suppose to be easy or joyful.  But when we come out of a test with success, then that is a moment of joy. 

There are many miracles that happen around us, the birth of a child is one moment that comes to my mind.  I have had the joy and privilege to experience that four times. Each one of my children are little miracles, and I am happy that I have been a part of that.

I know there is a God, He loves each and every one of us. As a parent I think I may have a little bit of a feeling as to how he feels when one of us chooses wrong. It hurts Him to see us suffer, and especially to see us make wrong choices.  He wants nothing more than for all of us to succeed so that we can someday return to His presence. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Part 5

The 5th Bead Soup Blog Party is officially underway.  Last time, there were so many participants, that Lori had to come up with another plan. She had a random draw on who got to participate this time. When I heard about this, I knew I would not get chosen, as I am one of those who never get chosen for things like this. But, that's fine. Maybe this is a good sign. As many of you are probably tired of hearing, WE ARE MOVING!!!! Someday, lol. Yes, that is, whenever we sell the house. But in the mean time, I am home trying to keep my house perfect for the chance that someone just might come and look and buy.

First BSBP I participated in

Well, this weekend, I found out that I was not chosen, but did find out that I have a double chance to be chosen next time. Lori has suggested we go ahead and dig in our stash of stuff, make a piece and post it to our blog on reveal day which is March 3. Then go a visit everyone in the BSBP and comment about their pieces. That way, I will get visitors to my blog, and so forth. I think I might just do that. Maybe...I'll get all my stuff out and make a big mess, then someone will want to come look at our house! That always seems to happen; whenever I get stuff out, then riiiinnnggg.... the phone, and on the other end I hear, "We have someone that is visiting from out of town and would like to see your house in an hour." YIKES! So then I have to put everything away, and rush around to clean. Yes, I've told them upteen million times I need a 24 hour notice. But, do you really think I'm going to turn that down. They just might be the ones to buy it.

Second BSBP I participated in

So, anyway...what to use. Right, now I am visiting with my daughter in Baton Rouge, but when I get home in a few days, that's what I'm going to do. Go through my stash, organize and pick out some beads. Hey! I actually already have some ideas rolling around in my head.