Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Weekend in Baton Rouge

Had a pretty nice weekend. Packed up two of my three boys, and headed down to Baton Rouge for a quick visit with my daughter and her husband. Wish I could have brought my husband and my other son, but that was not possible.

We drove down on Friday and the kids went to 13th gate, which has been voted in the top scariest houses for the past several years.  They really had a good time. The next morning, Saturday, my daughter, her husband and I, had the privilege of going to the temple. Afterwards, we had a little photo shoot around the grounds.

First we took pictures of  Ashley and Jeremy...

Then we took pictures of Ashley and me...

When we were done taking pictures, we picked up some pizza and headed back to the apartment; and then took some more pictures. I figured since we had three of the kids together, maybe I could get some good ones for the yearly Christmas cards....

Ok, so needless to say, we did NOT get any Christmas pictures.  No one likes this process, and I always have problems with my kids cooperating when it comes to picture time. I tell them every year that if they would cooperate, it would only take a few minutes.  In fact!!!!! I believe I could take it in one or two shots.  We will probably never know....

We had thought about staying until Sunday, but Ashley got called into work, so we decided to head on out of there. We took a different route; one that takes us up through Hammond, LA then up to Jackson and Vicksburg, MS. Just before we crossed the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, we stopped at the welcome center to stretch our legs. Boy, was the bridge ever pretty. Too bad I did not have a tripod. I still tried to take some pictures, and they came out ok.

It was a short trip, but I think we all had a nice time. Don't know when I will be getting back down. Hopefully at least one more time before we move...maybe even two more times...who knows...only time will tell.  I just hope the next time I go down, we can bring her daddy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Gone! But That's O.K.

About a week and a half ago, I went to get my hair trimmed, and decided to go ahead and donate my hair. I knew it would be short, but I wanted to go ahead and do it. It will take some getting use to. I've only had short hair one other time, and that was because I had had such damaged hair from a bad perm, that the only way to get it back in shape was to cut it. I vowed to no longer use chemicals of any kind on my hair...unless maybe I start going gray and it looks hideous.

Well, this is the result of ten inches gone. It is A LOT of work, and still does not look as nice as everyone elses' that has this do. I think I will actually like it when it gets down to my shoulders. Right now I'm having a hard time fixing it, since I just had hand surgery on my right hand (and I am right handed). I have always said that long hair was much easier to fix. No, not because you can put it in a ponytail. Mine would never stay because it is so slippery. When one has short hair, you HAVE to blow it dry, and you HAVE to use some sort of curling iron, or flat iron, or something. With long hair...wash and go....

Well, I am so happy that I got the privilege to donate my hair to a cause...one more thing I can mark off my bucket list.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy Saturdays

This weekend has been a good one. Haven't got much accomplished, but have enjoyed having most of my kids home; all but my daughter who is married and living four hours south from here. So, it's just me, the dog and my three sons (.haha, what a funny show that was).  It's been a lazy Saturday, we watched movies, ate, and just enjoyed each others company.

I can remember not so long ago, people telling me to enjoy the young years with my kids, because before I know it, they will be grown and gone. You know what? They were right. Time has gone way too fast.  I just hope that our kids can all live fairly close when they settle down with their own families. It would be nice to be able to enjoy the grand kids. I never really got to grow up around extended family. I feel that that is important. I will have to say, my parents were pretty good about keeping us up to date about our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We would talk about everyone as if we saw them often, and once a year, we would drive the long trip from Central Florida to Colorado to visit with my mom and dad's family. What nice memories I have of those times.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You, Elisabeth!

For the past four days, I have been in Kentucky visiting with my husband. Wow, visiting, I sure will be glad when we will all be together as a family again. During these hard economic times, it is sure hard to sell a house. While in KY, we found several houses, but one is OUR house. Perfect for our family. Isn't huge, but not small either. The only problem is, is that it is a two story. We have really tried to find a one story, or at least a home that has the master down, but no such luck. Most every house in this town is a two story. But this is perfect because it is just four mins from work, two mins from church, the YMCA, and the university, and about five mins from the high school.  It has a pool, place for the pool table, four bedrooms, screen porch, plus so much else that is just right for our family. So, hopefully, we can sell our home here soon and that one will still be available.

While I was gone, I was able to receive some gorgeous beads from Elisabeth of Beads for Busy Gals. Among the bills and junk mail, it sure was refreshing to get something exciting. Thank you, Elisabeth! As I opened the package, my mind started creating. I have some fun ideas already and can't wait to get started. That is probably what I would be doing today, except, I have to have hand surgery....UGGGG!  It might be awhile until I get to create. Oh well.  So, for awhile, hopefully not too long, I will be resting my hands and hopefully, selling a house and moving...Wish me luck!!!

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