Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Have I mentioned I like to take pictures? LOL well of course I have. Even when I was in high school and college, before digital, I loved to take pictures and scrapbook. Yes, scrapbook. Wished I'd of know what it was called and that it was going to be so popular. I could have been a millionaire by now. Oh well...

When the kids were little, I really got into the picture taking mode. But, there were problems. First off, digital was not around yet, so taking lots of pictures (that you weren't sure were going to be good...or not) could get pretty pricey. Second, the nice cameras (which we did have one) were too complicated for me. 

As the kids got older another problem arose.......
lack of cooperation!
Scott is just goofy, the other two like to look like zombies.
I tell them it will only take a second if they would cooperate.
But instead they have to act silly and so I take zillions of photos none of which come out.
I promise, I CAN take good pictures...
I just need some cooperation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall is here and Old Man Winter is just around the corner.....
My favorite time of year is summer. I have always loved the warm, sunny weather. I even like humidity. I know most of you think I have lost my marbles because of this, but right now I could use a bit of humid weather. You see, my skin is becoming VERY, very DRY! And I don't like it.

We had a hot summer and a nice a mild fall. I enjoyed the mild temperatures and the beauty in the leaves.
Here in Kentucky, there are many trees, and along with these type trees you get some gorgeous colors.
Growing up in the part of Florida I lived in, you don't get any change of seasons.
The first time I remember seeing the change of seasons was when I had gone out to school in Idaho. I was 19. 
I had left Sunny Florida in January and arrived in the cold "tundra" of Idaho. Winter had long made it's arrival, and there was well over a foot of snow on the ground. I can remember walking to the grocery store with my roommates and noticing all the dead bushes and trees. After a while, I made the comment about how sad it was that all the plants were dead. One of my roommates looked at me quite funny. She informed me that they weren't dead, just dormant. Both of us had a learning experience. I had learned that many of the plants go dormant during the winter...not die, and she learned that there are parts of the country that are always green.
That winter, I didn't see the pavement until April! You see, in Idaho, once it starts snowing (usually in October), you don't see the pavement for MONTHS!
Another funny story I'd like to share was one time we were headed to town and it was sooooooo cold. I had NEVER been so cold. As we passed the bank the temperature was reading 48. "48!!!?" I yelled. "It sure seems A LOT colder than any 48!" My roommate then turned to me with a chuckle and replied, "Terry, that is 48 below!" wow, I was in shock! I had never seen anything colder than 18. No wonder I was so cold! A lot of my friends and roommates got a good laugh at me quite often. But you know, if they had been in my territory (Florida) I'm sure I'd get a kick out of some of their reactions to things.
The first time I saw leaves changing was just after I had turned 20, my first fall that I could remember not living in Florida. It was actually quite pleasant to see all the color.
Even though I detest the coming of cold, I still see joy in the changes of the seasons. The beauty of the trees during all times of the year. 
So even though I am NOT enjoying all this cold that has recently visited our state, I do enjoy looking at the trees do their thing. 
I just wish it could snow and be warm. I may not like the cold, but the snow brings back so many fun memories of Idaho and Utah. Skiing, snowmobiling and tubing are all fun things to do, and you gotta have snow to do then in. So, I guess I should just look forward to that first snowfall and sit back and cuddle up with a blanket and some hot chocolate.

Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Warmest one in a looooong time. I believe it was in the 70's! The little ones got to eat outside. We had some tasty food too.
I made some Jambalaya which everyone loved. Even got to share the recipe to a couple. I did make it a wee bit spicy for the little ones though. Next time I need to leave the Tabasco and red pepper out. I've posted the recipe on one of my posts. So just click here to see it. I sure hope ya'll try it. I not only left the hot stuff out but also the shrimp. We have family who can't eat it and besides, it is getting a bit pricey.
I also made some macaroni and cheese. It's best to make it then eat it right out of the oven. I made it ahead of time. It was still good, but like I said, not as good. Here's the recipe...
Macaroni and Cheese
Elbow noodles
Large can of can milk
Stick of butter
Cheese (I like sharp cheddar)
Tony's Creole seasoning (optional)
Cook your noodles and drain. Put into a cake pan (or other casserole dish). Throw the butter into the noodles to melt, add the cheese (as much or as little as you want. I like a lot). Stir all that around til it starts to melt, then slowly add the milk; all around the pan, stirring. Once all that is mixed together you can add some Tony's. If you are from Louisiana or lived there anytime, you learn to put that on EVERYTHING!!! It is really yummy. After everything is mixed well, you can add some cheese to the top and toss the pan into the oven and cook for about 20 minutes )or until cheese is melted) at 350. This is really a yummy dish.
The next thing I made is something that has been in our family for many, many generations. Not sure where it came from, but my mom and her mom both have made it for years. We have always made it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, not sure why we don't make it other times of the year, because it is REALLY good. I introduced it to my in laws, and now I am expected to make it every Thanksgiving and Christmas if I am there. If not, they always call and get the recipe. Here is what is in it...
Apple Salad
About three apples, NOT peeled, just cut up
About three bananas, sliced
Large can of chunk pineapple, drained and save the juice for later
About two ribs of celery
Chopped walnuts
Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (whatever you have on hand)
Toss everything except the Mayonnaise and pineapple juice into a large bowl. Then take some of the pineapple juice and mayonnaise and mix in a small bowl until the consistency of milk or maybe a little thicker, but not much thicker. Pour over the fruit mixture and toss. Sometimes I have to add a little more. This is not much of a recipe, you just have to eyeball it. But it sure is good!
Of course we had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, dressing, and PIES!!!!
I'm sure I am leaving something out. We had a lot of food. All of which was delicious! I am grateful for my family, and thankful for the fun times and memories we have made over the years, having Carter Thanksgiving, the food and company is always nice!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This week's Foto Friday was....
This past week, we all celebrated 
My husband and I and our three boys went to Tennessee to visit family.
It was very nice to be able to travel just a short two hours rather than the eight to 12 hours it has taken us in the past to go.
While there, I was able to take lots of pictures.
Some of hands
 preparing our delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
Some hands showed expressions of love.
Some were busy shopping or playing around online.
Other hands were busy making messes.
Some were busy taking my camera and trying to steal a picture of me. My hand was quick in covering the face up, and showing their age. :P
My favorite picture, though, was the four generation of hands; baby, mom, grandma, and great-grandma.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Time to be with friends and family and enjoy some good food. Until I married Bill, Thanksgiving wasn't much of a holiday for us. We always lived so far from family, so it was pretty much just like any other day, except daddy was home and we DID eat some good food. 

When I was away in college, I never got to go anywhere, again because it was too far. It really didn't bother me much. It was kinda nice to be in a quiet apartment for once. A lot of the time, though, I did get an invite from either a roommate or some other friend that was closer to home.

Since I've been married, almost every year we spend Thanksgiving with my in laws. I am usually in charge of making an apple salad. This apple salad has been in our family for many, many years. Bananas, apples, celery, drained canned pineapple (reserve the juice), walnuts, and marshmallows are in it. Once you cut up and mix all that together, you add the pineapple juice to some mayonnaise and pour it over the salad. It is really good. This year, I will be making the apple salad, jambalaya, and macaroni and cheese. 
If you'd like a good jambalaya recipe click here.
Well, this is just a quick little post. I'm sure I'll have some pictures of all the fun we had during our Thanksgiving. I sure hope all of you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Oh, and try not to eat too much. Unless, that is, if you want to rev up the exercise like I probably will be doing next week.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Then, Christmas will be right around the corner! I can remember when I was a little girl the time seemed to practically stand still. Not as an adult though. Time really does fly by FAST!

I've been a very busy girl trying to get all my Christmas shopping done.
This year we have one of my husband's sister and her husband for Christmas gifts. While we were in the Bahamas, I shopped a little. I was able to get my brother in law something, but I wanted to make something for my sister in law. I made her a real pretty lanyard for her to wear to work. This (above) is not the one I made. I already have it wrapped and forgot to take a picture of it. It is made of white shell pieces and gold seed beads. I hope she likes it.

In addition to their individual gifts, I plan to put together a frame with some of my Letter Pics...of their name.

In case you can't figure out what it is SOARD. You see these all over, and they are very pricey. I figured I can do them. I take pictures of letters everywhere I go. I found a lot of letters on our Bahamian cruise, as I had planned to hunt for them during our trip. I will be doing one for us as soon as the holidays are all over with. I plan to use more tropical pictures of "letters" I got during that time.

I shopped of other people while on our cruise, but I know they will read this, so I will not share with you what I got them. It wasn't much, just a little something.

One thing I saw while we were on our cruise that "I" really like were some gorgeous conch shell carved hibiscus earrings. I really wanted them, but they were kinda pricey, so I didn't get them. 

I've been looking for something that maybe I could just put together my own earrings with. This is sorta like what saw made up in earrings. After Christmas, I might order some of these and put together a pair of earrings. Aren't they pretty? Hopefully they will have some.

I like to try to be creative in my gift giving. I am by FAR not done with my gifts, so I best get myself busy. I need to have everything bought and wrapped in two weeks; and, like I said, time goes by way too FAST!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knitting Ribbon Scarves

Yesterday, I went to my monthly stitching club group. This was only my second time, and I had so much fun. These ladies are so nice, and all of them so very talented! I like to see what everyone is working on. Last time I went, I brought some beading work. All the ladies were very interested, as I was crochet with beads. This time I brought some finished pieces.
Here is one piece I showed them. I had one lady order two necklaces from me. She wanted a pink one and then a green one. I was so excited to get that order.

One lady was working on a really cool thing I had never seen before. Sad thing is, you have to know how to knit. That is one thing I have tried and just cannot do! I can crochet, but knitting, well that is another story. I have had a lot of people tell me that knitting is so much easier. Well, for me crocheting is because I really don't have to pay that much attention to what I am doing. Anyway, look what she was doing.
It is a scarf made from knitting a special type of ribbon.
The lady told me that it was quite easy.
I might just learn to knit after all...
Or NOT...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Craft Fair

Do you have Christmas shopping to do? Are you looking for that perfect gift? Well do I have the place for you! Saturday                 17 November 2012 from 10 to 7 there will be a craft fair going on....and I will be having a booth! It takes place at our mall in Madisonville, KY and there will be all types of arts and crafts there. I will be selling my hand made jewelry. 
There will be all kinds of things on my table, mostly jewelry. 
and necklaces, of course.
I have some Christmas items too, like this crochet wire glass necklace.

I'll also have some unusual things like,
goblet charms,
knitting stitch markers 
(or you could use these as cell phone charms).
I will also have a few key fobs on hand.

In addition to my jewelry, I will also have some decoupage tiles.
Of course these are not the ones I will have on my table ;)

I hope those of you who can, will come out and support your local artisans.  In addition to supporting them, you will be supporting your local library, as this is being hosted by the Hopkins County Madisonville Public Library, and all proceeds go to them.
Hope you to see ya'll there!