Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Recycling a Broken Fake Pumpkin

Recently, I went into my attic to bring down the fall decorations, and when I opened one of the boxes, I found a giant broken (fake) pumpkin. 

I also noticed a bag of terribly wilted looking silk fall leaves, and some ribbon.

I started to toss them into the trash, and I thought...."Wait a minute! Aren't you the one who likes to recycle?" So, instead I decided to make something with this "trash."

First, I tied a bow with the ribbon.

Then I pulled the leaves and flowers off the stems.

Gathered up my glue gun and sticks.

And sat down and started to play around.

I first glued the ribbon onto the half pumpkin.

Then added the leaves 

and flowers.

I think I need to add some more....

Now I have a pumpkin on my front door...

Friday, November 1, 2019

More Bead Swapping...

This is part two of my bead technique swap challenge. Click here for part one, which is what I sent my partner, Heather Canepa. Today, I want to show you the pretties Heather sent to me!

In a variety of gorgeous colors!

Here is a closer look...

These are dyed and look like faceted carnelian

and then we have these dyed turquoise green colored agate

and then we have pink! Tappingflamingo loves PINK!

Aren't these Heishi beads pretty?

and here we have some goldish colored agate.

As soon as I opened these up, my mind started to go to work. I have had a lot of fun creating with these beautiful beads, and can't wait to show you what I've created....

Stay tuned....

Friday, October 25, 2019

Time for Another Bead Swap

Yes, another one!

This time it was to be a bit different. Arlene Dean, at Bead Soup Cafe, paired everyone up, as all other swaps, but this time we were to document our progress...and one other thing...

We were to learn something new. We were to challenge our partner, in other words, help them learn something new.

I was paired up with Heather Canepa, who is a very talented seed beader. Yes, that's right a SEED beader. You know, those itty bitty, teeny tiny little beads?

When I first found out I was in panic mode. I've tried seed beading before, but my eyes and my hands, with all their issues, will NOT allow me to work with seed beading.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do use SOME seed beads, but not like Heather does. I'll be honest, I really don't know how she does it. It is just amazing.

So, any who....Heather and I contacted each other, and I learned that she too, was in a bit of panic mode. You see, she is LOVES seed beading, and just does not like working with anything but seed beads. 

hmmmm....so, what to do.

One other thing I forgot to mention, we were given color palettes to choose from to use to pick out what we send our partner. After talking to Heather, I decided to send this color combo.

Aren't these gorgeous colors!? So, here is what I sent...

Since she likes seed beads, I decided to send her some in the color palette

Remember I said I don't work with seed beads much? Well, I have used them in making things like this, so I decided to send her this link. 

I then went through my stash of charms and sent her a sampling. 

So, here is where the challenge came in. I love to work with seashell fragments, and I also love to work with recycling old guitar strings into pretty things...including jewelry, ornaments and keychains. I sent Heather some old guitar strings, wire and a seashell fragment that I wired up for her. I'm hoping she does something with them and her seed beads.

I threw this ribbon cording in. Figured she might like to use it for a necklace or something. 

Then one last thing...I wanted to sent her a little gift. I make adjustable bracelets, and decided to try to make one with little beads. I didn't use the itty bitty beads Heather uses, I used E-beads...the are just a little bit bigger. This is the first time I tried it, and I really like how it came out. I hope Heather likes it. 

I had fun putting everything together for Heather. I'll tell you about the beauties she sent me in my next blog. 

Stay tuned.....

Monday, September 2, 2019

Autumn Warmth

As the warmth of the Summer begins to dwindle, and Autumn  shows her presence, we soon experience cooler temperatures. Many of us look forward to this time of year...Personally, I love the hot summer days...

But the rays of the sun still shine upon us. Yes, it might be cooler, but nature still teases us with warm, sunny days throughout the fall season. 

No longer do we have the bright hues of summer that I love, but the beautiful fall colors are just as nice to feast our eyes upon; just a little change, and change is good.

Gone are the summer greens from trees and grasses, or the many wonderful shades of pink flowers.  The Autumn's colors of oranges, reds and golden reflect off the rays of the warm sunshine so nicely.

TappingflamingoBling is changing with the seasons. Hello! My name is Terry Jeanette, and I am the creator of TappingflamingoBling, a one of a kind beachy, bohemian shop. I design and create each and every piece of jewelry and accessory found here. 

I would like to introduce my newest line; Autumn Warmth. Each piece is  one of a kind, made from Picture Jasper, Red Agate, Fossil Coral, and crystals and glass beads of oranges and yellows...perfect for Summer and will take you into the Fall. 

I love the sunburst chandelier earrings.

picture jasper

lemon chiffon

rusty orange

Don't you love the feel of the warm sun shining against your skin? I do! I think that is why I love these sun charms so much, as they dangle off the fall color crystals

and glass Saturn beads

I love simple, yet I love my jewelry to be noticeable.

I wired this Noah's Ark stamped charm with a fossil coral. I love to mix my metals, so you have brass and silver tone in this piece, which makes the animals and ark stand out

This large picture jasper and sun charm necklace is made to easily slip over your head...no clasp!

and this necklace is very simple as well, yet the sun toggle clasp is a fun little extra. If your necklace clasp slips to the front, as they all do, you have a pretty little sun that shows instead of a plain looking fastener.

These pieces and more are ones I have been working on, and have just been listed in my shop. Since these are one of a kind, once they're gone, they're gone. I hope you can grab your special conversation piece before they vanish. They are going quickly...


Thursday, July 25, 2019

Emails, Jewelry and Nails

I would like to pick your brain? Do you like emails? Specifically, those you have subscribed too. Did you subscribe because you genuinely wanted to keep up with what the company is doing, or was it because you got some sort of a freebie?

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know about TappingflamingoBling. Just recently, I have added a little side business with Color Street called TappingflamingoBling Nails. Both TappingflamingoBling and TappingflamingoBling Nails have Facebook pages with all the recent news.

Anyway...I've been told I NEED an email list. To be honest, I don't like a bunch of emails clogging up my feed. I have over 50,000 unread emails, and I just cannot keep up with it. Mostly, the way those have accumulated is through unsolicited emails...spam, and the fact that I go places that I don't have good internet, or internet at all. My mother in law lives in the back woods of Tennessee, and has horrible service. Our family cruises at least once a year, and we unplug from technology during that time. So...ya...my emails have gotten out of control.

So, back to the question...do you enjoy the emails you have subscribed to? Should Tappingflamingo start one. If she did...it would be short, informative, and to the point, yet very much on the upbeat and friendly side....something like the following...

Hello everyone! This is Terry Jeanette with the Tappingflamingo! Hope everyone is doing well.

I've been very busy with life, and I love it! Family is always top priority. I've also been busy with our dance group getting ready for a big gathering at the local senior center. We will be performing at the annual luncheon called Rootn' Tootn'. Yep, you are reading it right. It is a really fun event.

Tappingflamingo has also been busy designing some new types of bling. Do you like ankle bracelets? I think they can be very sexy, and I am hoping to have some ready for the shop soon. They are adjustable and waterproof! and, if you don't like to wear them on your ankle, they can be worn on your wrist. 

One other thing! I have just started a new venture with a product I have fallen in love with...Color Street. This company is fantastic! They make nail polish in strips that you can stick on your nails...NO drying time. What about that!

Today, Thursday 25 July, 2019, and TODAY only, they are having a great Throw Back Thursday. Here are the details. Click here to take you to my website to order these. 

Well, that's all for now...This is Terry Jeanette with the Tappingflamingo Signing out for now. Ya'll have a wonderful day! 

Ok...so let me know what you think. Would you want a weekly email from the Tappingflamingo?