Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Living in a motel get's old REALLY fast! It is just after nine in the morning...a Saturday morning...and everyone is asleep. No one wants to do anything but sleep. I understand that our middle son wants to sleep, as he will be working the 7pm to 7am shift tonight. But the rest of us, no excuses.

So, the question is, "What do we do?" I really don't have an answer. We could go to Evansville, but the gas it would take to go there would be pricey; and once we got there, then what? Benjamin needs new soccer cleats, shorts and guards, but I do believe we could get them here in Madisonville.  

I've been wanting to make some jewelry, but it is all in storage...in OHIO! Probably won't see my jewelry making stuff for several weeks now. I knew I should have pulled it aside to take. Oh well. 

If we were to go to Evansville, I could go to Hobby Lobby or one of the million other craft places they have and get some jewelry making stuff. I wonder if Madisonville's Walmart has any. Probably not. Seems like all the Walmarts have been taken craft stuff out of their stores. Wasn't Walmart originally for the small town folk who couldn't get stuff like that unless they traveled to the bigger city? Why, then are they taking that kind of stuff out of ALL their stores?

So, here I sit...in the dark. 

Too bad there isn't a class up at the Y this morning...I believe Saturday mornings will be full of a buch of guys lifting weights, don't think I'd fit in, so I guess I'll just play on the computer for awhile and listen to everyone snore........................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I would suggest going to a movie, but with your crew, that wouldn't be cheap. What about going to the library? Lots of free magazines and newspapers to read. Or check the local paper on-line and see if there are any festivals or other free activities going on this weekend. Any parks to go walking around in or downtown areas?

  2. we have rented movies, been to the park, the YMCA, not sure you gonna get boys to read magazines, lol. They don't like to shop, as far as festivals, again, boys are not into that sorta of stuff. Boys are a whole new breed, lol. Being in a small town, there really isn't much that goes not. They have played soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. It's just being cooped up in a one room motel, it's making everyone crazy.