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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What color should I do the foyer?

Monday, we did our final walk through, and Tuesday, we became official Kentucky homeowners. It's a done deal, and hopefully Thursday, late afternoon, we will be able to walk into our new home, if not, then first thing Friday morning. 

Our home in Louisiana was brand new. It was so nice to walk into a clean, fresh new home. Nothing had to be done, just a little bit of dusting and vacuuming here and there. The house we are about to move into though, not so much. On top of cleaning and replacing some light fixtures, we are going to also need to paint. It won't get done before our furniture comes Monday.

I think the first place I want to start is the entry. The chandelier in the entry is horrible. It is one of those gold brassy ones from the 80's. I was never a fan when they were in style.
I thought maybe I could just spray paint it. First I thought about black, then a dark brown. 
I still was not sure, so I went to Lowes to get inspired. I saw some pewter ones, and thought maybe that would look nice. The one chandelier I saw that I really liked was marked down from $278 to $178. Even though it was marked down, I still didn't want to pay that much. Spray paint is a lot cheaper. Bill and I decided we could try to paint it and if it didn't look good, we could always come and get something. Although this one would probably not be available. 

Well, today after lunch, I went back to Lowes to check out some paint. I went to look at the chandelier and it was GONE!!! Well crum. Oh well...As I stood there in disappointment, the sales clerk came by and asked if I needed help. I asked him where the chandelier went that was just there last night. He told me he had just taken it down and then lead me to it. It was in the cart. He told me he had that one and one in a box, then showed the box. It was marked to $74! Yes, $100 less than yesterday, and $200 less than originally. I nabbed it! I'll post a picture when we get it hung.

Now for the paint. The entry is green, and I really don't want green. I liked what I had in our last home, but I've had the same colors in our last three homes, and I'm getting a little tired of it. Besides, I'm not sure the beiges are going to be that popular much longer. But then again, if I do blue, like I'm thinking about, will I tire of that quickly? I've got to pick something that is going to last long, as painting this foyer is going to be a challenge with the high soaring ceilings that it has.

The blue I have picked out is a very, very light blue. So light, in fact, that my husband is calling it white. It is under the "Cool Whites" category. It is Breath of Blue by Valspar. I'm not sure it has enough color in it. I am planning on keeping all the trim and stair railing white, and I'd like that to pop somewhat against the walls.

Then there is a step up from that called Sky. It has been my experience, that paint color does not look like the swatches you get from the store. Usually, they tend to be deeper or brighter. I like the Sky better, but for the foyer, Breath of Blue might be better. Oh how I hate picking paint colors. I guess I need to just get a small sample of the colors and put a big section on the wall.

One thing I do have to keep in mind too, is the flow of the rest of the house. There are four rooms that go off the foyer from the downstairs, then upstairs, you have all the bedrooms and one bathroom. I'm not so worried about the upstairs. Downstairs, there is a half bath that comes off the foyer, and I'd probably just go in there with the same color. The living room and dining room are all one room, so whatever I do for one will have to go into the other. 

The kitchen is another room that comes off the foyer. I've always loved yellow kitchens, and I do believe I will be able to have one now. At first I didn't think so, but I saw two beautiful kitchens with the same color cabinets and counters I have, that had yellow walls, so I just might go for it! You can see the kitchens by going here and here. I actually like the first of the two because it seems a lot brighter. I've got some yellow swatches that I'll have to put up against the granite counters to get my opinion. 
Here's our kitchen. We have cherry cupboards, so with the dark wood, we need to brighten it up some. It kinda looks like the walls are already yellow in the picture, but they are more of a creamy beige.

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