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Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Senior Picture Time!

 Our youngest is a senior in high school; unbelievable!

Anyway...I found out that the high school my son will be attending, they do their senior pictures different than I have ever seen. Usually, your child goes into a photography studio and has a session with cap and gown, and formal wear. The boys wear a tux and the girls have a drape. At this high school, all the seniors have their pictures outside, or with a prop. I was so excited about that, so I took Benjamin out by the bayous in Monroe and did a photo shoot.
Isn't this area nice? The picture was taken at the bayou that surrounds our old neighborhood. Now I just need to get my subject to look at the camera and smile.

Let's try a different scenery...
He's looking at the camera, but no smile. What is it with teenage boys? They just won't smile for the camera!
Bayou Bartholomew
Hmmmm, I think maybe we will go get a haircut and come back another day.
Black Bayou Lake
This time, we went out to Black Bayou
Black Bayou Lake
Is that a smile?
the bayou around our neighborhood
Oh wow! Is that a smile I detect on that handsome face? I do believe it is! My subject looks good and the background looks good. Believe this may be the photo for the yearbook!

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