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Monday, June 18, 2012

YES!!! Another Bead Soup Blog Party

 I am about to do my third Bead Soup Blog Party and I am soooo excited about it!
This was what I made with my first soup.
This is what I made with my 2nd soup. 

I wonder who my new partner will be. I wonder what I will send my new partner. I wonder what fun things I will get and make with my new soup.
I've been making jewelry for quite some time. It all started when I was about jr. high school age. My sister and I use to go to the craft store in the mall and get things to make earrings. Pretty soon we  macramed necklaces and bracelets.

Fast forward to when I was college age, and we pretty much stopped making our jewelry. Eventually, my sister picked it up again after she finished her master's degree and was married. She decided to make some jewelry for Christmas gifts. She took all her creations to work to see what other's thought. They started asking her what she would charge for the pieces, and pretty soon, she sold everything. As her and her husband discussed what happened, they decided to start a small business. She now has her own blog--The Crafty Princess Diaries, is the jewelry guide for about.com, and has written several book. Her name? Tammy Powley. Just google her name and you can see, she has been quite the busy little crafter and writer. 

A few years later Tammy got me interested in making jewelry again. I then started a small business and called it Treasures by Terry. For several years, I sold things here and there. We had four small children, so I kept the business at a minimum. Eventually, I started homeschooling, and pretty much stopped making jewelry, except for gifts and a few weddings here and there.

I still haven't really gotten back into the business much. I am planning on changing that, though. As soon as we get moved and settled, I plan to check out all the tax laws in Kentucky, and start Treasures by Terry again. 

I already have a Treasures by Terry Facebook. You should check it out. I also do a little photography too, which I would like to start getting more into also. My photography I call, Jeanette's Photography (I have a Facebook for that too). I named it after my daughter and myself. Both of us share the same middle name. 

Well, that's a little history of my jewelry making. I am really excited about this Bead Soup Party. Since I've been so busy with the move and all, I am hoping my reveal date will the the last date, 25 August. That should give me plenty of time to get moved in and find my jewelry making stuff.

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  1. I wish I had time for this. It is so much fun! That is cool you managed to get in. I know she has a ton of people trying to do this.