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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Bet She Can Tap Dance!

As I have mentioned before, my daughter has been dancing pretty much her whole life. She now has a degree in dance and a certification in Yoga, and is teaching a various studios around the Baton Rouge area. 

One of the studios she teaches at is primarily a tap studio. They do other things, but are known for their great tapping. At this studio she only teaches contemporary, and, therefore, the kids have not seen her tap. A few days ago, I posted the rehearsal for contemporary dance she choreographed and performed for their recital.

Just the other day, one of her students at this studio asked if she could tap too. Well, Ashley went out and bought a small piece of plywood, did some improving, and posted it. In a few weeks, she will be hauling this plywood up to Indiana for a family reunion (for the talent show).

I would now like to share the little bit of tap on her new toy...
Hope you enjoy!

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