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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Love Avocado!

Don't you just love the taste of guacamole? That gorgeous green piece of fruit. Yes it's a fruit, it grows on a tree. But anyway, I love the taste of avocado and tomato combined with cilantro. mmmmm!

When I went on my first Mexican cruise, I looked all over for a molcajete. In case you don't know what that is:
I really didn't know the name of it, I just called it a Mexican smasher thinky. But it is called a molcajete. I have been to Mexico several times and for some reason I was not able to find one. But before we moved, my friends from Louisiana got me one, and I. LOVE. IT!
Today, I made me some guacamole salsa. These are the ingredients I used. I had all of these ingredients on hand, and wished I had had some cilantro, but oh well. 
For this much, I used two roma tomatoes, one avocado, a clove of garlic, a splash or two of line juice so the avocado doesn't brown, some sea salt to taste and cumin seed to taste. If we had our garden, I would have added some hot peppers and of course the cilantro.
I'm planning on having some left for lunch, but we still have a couple hours til then. I'm sure when Miles gets home, he will have to have some, and I keep picking at it. I might have to make some more.
When I got all the ingredients cut up and put into the molcajete, I just mashed it up. The texture is great!
Here, try some ;)

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