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Monday, September 17, 2012

The 2012 Fall Pantone Fashion Color Trend is here!

I love ALL the colors!

I have gotten myself involved in another swap, and I am sooooo excited! Here's the details:
"You swap beads with a partner - no blog hop, no need to make anything, just send a thoughtful package of excellent beads to your partner, as if you were giving a gift to your best friend. 

Good rule of thumb? Please do not send anything you would not be proud to turn in for a magazine tutorial.

Partners decided between themselves as to how many colors they want to trade (one, three, all, it doesn't matter). 

Beads must be out the door by Monday, September 17th which should be PLENTY of time. Sign ups lock at midnight Sunday the 9th of September.

Colors can be found here:


Lori Anderson is hosting this event. Boy, she is one busy WOman!

My partner is Kim Houston of The Pink Martini Boutique. You should check out her blog and her Etsy shop. She does some gorgeous work!

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Elizabethtown, KY for a soccer tournament (which by the way we won first place!). While in E-town, I wanted to stop by the craft store (since our closest one from home is an hour away). I headed to the beading area, and picked up some stuff.

I pretty much knew the new fall colors before I left, and for some reason was drawn to these beads. 
First, we have glass crystals in the Ultramarine Green and Olympian Blue and. I love the way they sparkle!

Then we have the donut beads in various shades of blue and green.
Here's some more chartreuse crystals.
I had these fresh water pearls in my stash. I thought they match the honey gold perfectly!

As I was digging and digging through my stash, I found these Rose Smoke beads,
Then I found these...Rhapsody! 
So then I had almost all the colors, so I went digging some some and found....
Sorry some of these are bit blurry.

Now, I couldn't make up my mind as to what type of focal to send. It didn't state to send one, but I just had to send at least one. I sent three.
The first one is a sea turtle I've had for awhile. I just love turtles.
I had picked up some flower beads at the craft store in E-town, and just had to send her a set to make this pretty hibiscus. I love hibiscus, reminds me of home, as we had some beautiful pink hibiscus in our front yard. This comes close to matching the Pink Flambe'
This last piece, I made several months ago while still living in Louisiana. Everyone in Louisiana goes nuts over anything fluer de lis. I figured this could represent the French Toast...haha, how appropriate, "French" Toast...get it? Well, those of you who don't, there are A LOT of French in Louisiana.

Well, there you have it. This is my representation of the 2012 Fall Pantone Colors. I hope Kim likes what I've sent. 

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