Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Senior night is fast approaching us for the boys soccer team. As parents, we are to supply some pictures of our boys for a banner they will be making and displaying. I went to Walgreens to get some of these copied, and was paid a very nice complimate by the lady behind the desk. She asked if I had taken these. I told her yes.
She told me that they looked very professional. I was so glad to hear that, as I would love to get paid for my photography someday.

I am so excited to see the banner. We were asked for an action shot,
and two other pictures of our choice. They would take the main picture for the banner. I was really hoping to use one of my pictures, but I didn't  pursue that until I saw what I had to choose from. The picture itself was fine, but I could tell that these photos were just that, photos. Why do I say that? 
Well, there was so much background distraction! You know boys, they just throw there stuff anywhere, right? In the picture behind the goal were shoes, towels, clothes thrown on the ground. That just bugged me. It doesn't look too bad here, because I tried to edit it out. You can actually tell if you look close. Anyway, when you put it on a huge banner, well, it is really noticeable. So, I took Ben in our backyard and took more pictures. He loved that, NOT! 
So, this is what will be on the banner. No, no smile. Well, if you look close, there is a hint of one. He told me no one smiles in their pictures. I guess they are suppose to look tough or something like that.
Ben's senior picture I took at the neighborhood bayou just before we moved from Louisiana will be another picture that will be on this banner.

The other picture is a soccer picture of him at age 6. I have seen what the banner will look like, and I am quite pleased. I'm sure I will share it and all the details in a later blog.

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