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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I can't believe it's been over 14 months since my daughter married her best friend. Seems lately I've known so many young couples to be getting married. Especially this past month! Receiving all the wedding announcements and seeing all the beautiful pictures on facebook of these young people starting their new lives together got me to reminiscing of all that we did to get ready for Ashley and Jeremy's wedding.  I was going through some of my old pictures and I came across all the photos of Ashley during her search for the perfect wedding dress.
I remembered how pretty my dress was. It had lots of lace and a really long train. I love trains!
So, she tried on my dress. She really looked pretty in it, but it just wasn't her. The only thing it did was make me real depressed....yes, folks, I too was a size 2 at one time. 
Let's move on.

One thing Ashley needed was a temple ready dress. So you might ask, what exactly is a temple ready dress. Well, all that means is that it is not too elaborate, white, and most of all that it is modest, has some sort of sleeve that covers the arm. Not a wimpy see through thing. Do you know how difficult that is? Well, unless you live in Utah (which we do not), you will NOT find one; so anything you choose will either need expensive alterations, or a jacket.
Ashley knew she did NOT want a POOFY dress. I don't even think Jeremy likes poofy (I know I don't!). Also, Ashley has always been one to walk to the beat of a different drum, and so her dress had to be different. Maybe a short one. This one looked good, but the jacket would need to be lined. Nope, not this one, it's pretty, but not THE one.
Now this one is petty cool. Short, different, but maybe too different.  We liked it, but thought it looked too much like a business suite. NEXT!
This one looks cute. Fits good too! Not much alteration needed here. Just the jacket is a bit too big, but that's not hard to fix.
This looks a lot like what she had just tried on. Everyone liked it, but...............
The ribbon or tie, or whatever that is, well don't you think it was a bit much for her tiny little body? So we moved on.
Now, I liked this one! It has a train. did I mention I like trains? We would have to order this one, since this is not white.
Yes! Momma likes this one. Doesn't she look sweet? Ok, well, Momma might like, but the bride needs to too. Ashley liked it, but just still not THE one. So, we put this one on the short list and moved on.
Oh, another short one, and this is really cute. Maybe? She looks like she likes this one a lot. Hmmmm. 
You know, little people just look good in everything! We did have a problem, because she looked good in all of them.
I know, this looks kinda funny in the back, but it was a size 6...way too big, so they had to put giant clothes pin thingies in the back so we could see what this looked like. I love the train!!!!! I think we need to put this on the short list too. :P
Now this one reminded us of her prom dress, which we loved, well, at least the style reminded us of the dress. This gave me an idea.
Some prom dresses come in white (this one did, just was not in the store at the time. It would need to be ordered). Prom dresses are much less $$$$ than wedding dresses. So why not?

Ok, well, we pretty much looked at every dress in this store, so we moved onto another store.
This is pretty
Not sure the bride likes it too much.
Well, ok, so now time to head home and look at the pictures and decided.

Ashley had looked on line and saw a dress she really, REALLY liked. The only thing was, I was just too chicken to order a wedding dress online. We went back to the first bridal shop upteen million times, and time was running out, so she had to make a decision, so she made her decision.
Yep, the short fun one. So we  headed to the store and when we got there, we could not find it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!  We had all the ladies in the store seaching, Ashley, my mom and I all searching. NOTHING. Ug! Well, we could order it, but thing was, Ashley wanted to try it on one more time before the final decision. 

Then......I decided to look one more time in the bigger sizes and came across a dress that looked very much like the dress online. It was a size 6, but maybe we could order a 2. Ashley put it one, and BINGO!!!!!!!!!!! She said YES TO THE DRESS!!!!!!!!  Funny thing was, no one in the store had ever seen this dress before. They looked it up on all the stores in the country, and this size 6 was the one and only in the WORLD! Well, maybe not world, but you know what I mean. 

Now the issue was, could they size it from a 6 to a 2? They said the could.
And they did!
Her yellow shoes showed very nicely with the short in front long in back style.
I think she picked the perfect dress for their perfect day!

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