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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Other Pantry

Last week Bill finished the other pantry, and I got it all put back together again. I thought I had taken a before picture, but I guess it forgot. Really all this was, was your basic coat closet. You know, bar hanging across with one shelf above. We already have a coat closet in the entry, don't know why we need one in the kitchen too. So, we decided to take out the rod and add shelves.
As I mentioned before, I love bright, happy colors. Not sure what I am going to paint my kitchen, but I knew I wanted my pantries to be bright. The first one we painted a Caribbean Blue.
And the second one we painted....................
Well, it was suppose to be Coral. The paint chip said Coral, but it looks more of a pink, or bright peach. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I realized that if I had painted the deep Coral I originally planned, it probably would be too dark in the pantry. Since this was just a small coat closet that we converted into a pantry, it doesn't have a light so it would be a bit dark. 
Now, I am all organized. I have all my cookbooks and Tupperware on easy to reach shelves.
I also have room for my aprons, and notice I have room to spare for other things. ahhhhhhh. Now I need to figure out what color I want my kitchen. It is right now a peachy, goldy color. I'm thinking more of a pure yellow, but not so bright, just a soft pure yellow. But that probably won't happen til Spring, so I have time to think on it.

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