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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Zebra Room

Remember Paige Smith?
Well, she is still with us.
With multiple kids in college and trying to do it without loans, and not qualifying for grants, some of the plans for the house is going to have to wait. (I am grateful for Scott's scholarships, but it still does not pay all the bill). Interesting enough though seems like this room went together better than I thought.
 As you see in the above pictures, Paige Smith is in the zebra motif, as are the valences above the window. I decided to stick with the zebra theme, especially when I saw this cool picture I bought at one of my favorite stores in Louisiana. Cost....$14!
 Several years ago, I painted this chair. Look how well it matches this room!
 We had our Sterlington Panther's throw that looks nice on the end of one of the beds.
 I had these patriotic themed quilts from the spare room in Louisiana. So far everything seems to work.
Since this is primarily a game room, I L'd the beds. When Scott is home from school, he sleeps in here, so except for Kinect and other games it is just an empty room.
 Of course when I saw this zebra rug at my fav store, I had to buy it too. $30!
 In art class, Scott painted this nice picture. I absolutely LOVE it, and it goes quite nicely in this room. I am waiting for a frame I ordered from Wally World, just ten bucks!
 Originally, I wanted to get some new pulls for the dressers and closet doors, but I think I'll wait. Not a fan of the brass, but not sure I will be keeping the room this way forever. So until I can do something in this room, this is pretty much it. I do have a mirror to hang, oh and I just noticed I have some more moving stickers to remove, lol (see yellow strip on side of TV). Seems like it takes forever to get those things gone!
Total cost of putting this room together?
55 buckaroos!
Not bad!the

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