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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Today, I went to a baby shower for one of our young ladies at church. This will be their second child. They already have a girl, and this one is a boy.

Whenever I get a gift ready for anyone, I like to make it a little personal. I know how much I loved collecting ornaments over the years for my children, and have learned that many other moms like to do that too...so...I decided to make an ornament for this new little guy. Since he is going to be born in Louisiana during the Mardi Gras Season, I thought I'd use that theme.

I used old guitar strings. After making sure they were nice and clean, I wrapped them with gold wire, then wrapped the strings with green garland and added the baby's name. I took an ornament wire hanger and wrapped it with purple garland and added the year. Then, of course, I had to hang a fleur de lis in the middle.

Instead of a bow on the package, I used this to decorate the bag. In the bag I added two little outfits and some socks. I needed to add one more thing....

My daughter has been using essential oils on her little girl since day one. I asked what her favorites were and this is what she said...
She likes to put one to two drops of oil with fractionated coconut oil into a 10 ml bottle. Frankincense up the spine, the digestive blend on the tummy, and the respiratory blend on the chest, This she does both in the morning and at night before bed.

In the morning she likes to use protective blend if the baby is not feeling very well, and the joyful blend. At night she uses lavender and the grounding blend. All this on the bottoms of the feet.

If her little one seems a bit grumpy anytime, she will use the lavender and the grounding blend on the bottoms of her feet.

I really wanted to make all these up for my friend, but noticed I only had two glass roller on bottles, so that was not going to happen. I asked my daughter what her favorite was, and she told me if she could choose only one, it would be the lavender. So, lavender it was. Ten ml bottle, two drops of lavender essential oil, and fill up with fractioned coconut oil. Boy, it sure smelled nice, and mom really was excited to get it.

I need to make sure that I keep these empty glass 10 ml bottles on hand, because that would really make a great baby shower gift...that and the personalized guitar string Christmas ornament...

Hmmm....maybe I should make these to put on my TappingflamingoBling
Etsy shop....

By the way....essential oils are NOT a cure. They are a great support to our overall health. If you would like to know more about them, just message me. You can also reach me at my youtube channel, tappingflamingo.

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