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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bead Soup Blog Party 9 Is Just Around The Corner

Look what I'm doing again...Yep the NINTH Bead Soup Blog Party. I can't believe this will be #9! I am really excited about it.

So, what is a Bead Soup Blog Party you might ask? Well, it is an event that you get paired with another beader. You trade beads, and then create! Then, on March 12, you post a blog about who your partner is, what you sent them, what they sent you, and then what you created.

March 12 will be a very busy day with people hopping around reading about all kinds of things creative people made with their bead soup.

I have done this numerous times. Bead Soup 8 was almost two years ago, so many of us are raring to go do some creating, so stay tuned!

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