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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Michael Symon's with Douglas Trattner 5 in 5 For Every Season

I was so excited to get this book because I really enjoy watching The Chew. The pictures are great, but wish there were more. I love seeing lots of pictures in cookbooks.

I love the way it is set up. After introducing themselves and the book, Michael Symon and Douglas Trattner tell you what needs to be in your pantry for efficiency and quickness. They call the pantry their "toolbox."

The chapters are set up by season; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. There are some yummy looking dishes in each season. One problem I see, at least for me, is that a lot of the ingredients are going to very hard for me to find. I live in an area that really only has one grocery store...and everyone knows the one, the one that I have a love/hate relationship with. It's big and inexpensive. Anyway, I have a hard time finding those interesting and unusual foods there.

The title, 5 in 5 For Every Season, means 5 ingredients and cook in 5 minutes. Now remember, that means COOK in 5 minutes, not including prep time. But even with that, these are pretty quick meals, and they look really yummy and easy. There are about half dozen recipes I plan to try.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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