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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fish Extender Ideas

This time last year, my mom and two sisters and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do for a mother/daughter trip. We went round and round with various ideas. My mom and I love to cruise, but one of my sisters hates to cruise. My other sister and I are pretty much open to whatever, but I am a bit more price conscience that she is.

In the end, we did book a cruise. It was a three day with Disney. Even though we could have gotten a cruise with Carnival for A LOT less, we found one on Disney that was reasonable. Besides, we were curious about how Disney compared to Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Maybe my sister who is not a fan cruising will like Disney better. I actually posted videos about our cruise on my tappingflamingo youtube.

I will admit, it was fun, but I probably will not be cruising with Disney again, unless someone else wants to pay for it, lol.


One thing I thought was fun on Disney was what they call Fish Extenders. I also have a few videos on this too. Fish Extenders are actually a type of gift exchange. I know it is very popular on these cruises, and many people get involved with them. So....I decided that maybe I could offer some Fish Extender gifts over on my Etsy shop.

One thing I have over there are Pipe Cleaner Princess Rings. I actually made these for the little girls in our FE group. I have made these in the past for bridal showers and little girl birthday parties. They are a hit for both young and old.

Aren't they cute?!

One other thing I have in my shop are Beaded Pirate Dreadlocks. I actually stole this idea from my sister. This is what she made for her FE people. I asked her if I could make some up for my shop, and she said, "Sure!" So I did. In our Day 1 Disney review video, you will notice we are wearing some of these dreadlocks.

Some of them I put mouse beads onto and added some lace.

Some I put butterflies onto.

Each is different, and can even be turned into bracelets! If you order them and want them to be bracelets, then you will need to convo me, and I will get that going for you. My sister had made some for us to wear too, and they were very fun! If you remember, Captain Jack Sparrow had some beaded dread locks....

Disney is not the only cruise line that does gift exchanges. On our last Carnival cruise, we had a group that did one and it was pretty fun. I made everyone a Ninja Star. We were on the Sunshine, so I thought it appropriate to do a sun for everyone. After all the sun is just a giant star. By the way, I do have a video on my youtube channel that shows how to make them.

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