Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall In The South

I am so lucky to live in the south! This morning when I got up it was 70! Right now at 4:35 pm, it is 84, and it's mid November. I just love it!  One thing I do not like, though, is the time change.  Benjamin Franklin was a very bright man, but his idea of daylight savings time was, well, not a good one.  We lived in Indiana for just over 5 years. While I hated the cold winters, I loved not having to change our clocks.  Everyone got along just fine with leaving the time alone.  The year we moved away, though, they had to be like everyone else, and voted to observe daylight savings time.   With the  time change now, it starts getting dark at 4:30 yuck!  I like the sun too much to see it get dark so early.

I think we are in for some cooling down, as we are suppose to get some storms tonight. I think it is suppose to get down to 67, and then bring in some cooler weather. By Thursday night, we are looking at 37 for a low.  Did I mention I hate cold weather?  Well, I don't think it is suppose too last long. I am happy to say that this weekend we are looking at 70's and 80's once more. Now, that makes me happy :D

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