Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, November 26, 2011


This year I decorated with blue and silver and wire wrapped sea shells I picked off the beach while in Florida in October. 

Okay, everybody, I'd like to know what you all have for Christmas dinner. This year, I'd like to change our dinner up a bit. Usually, we have turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, cranberries, fruit salad, and various desserts. 

Given the fact that we are moving, and we have our house on the market, I didn't decorate much at all. I put up a very small tree, wreath on the door, and that's about it. I do think I might rummage around in the attic and pull down my two soldiers I made a hundred years ago, and put them on either side of my front door. Other than that, it will probably be just table cloths and center pieces on the dining and kitchen tables. 

I would also like to simplify our Christmas dinner. I don't want it to seem that way though. We are having a small group, just my parents, our three boys, our daughter and her husband, and my husband and me; a total of nine people. One main reason I'd like to simplify the dinner is to be able to spend time with everyone, instead of in the kitchen cooking all day and then clean up. I was thinking maybe to do the food prep before. I usually do that anyway, except maybe the turkey, rolls and fruit salad. Christmas Eve we usually get all the chopping done, make the desserts, and put together the other stuff just to throw them in the oven after the turkey is done and resting.

In addition to simplifying, I just want something different. Christmas dinner is definetly NOT a healthy meal. All of us are trying to be more healthy, and I am wanting to loose some weight. I'm not going to get serious about it 'til after we get moved, but at the same time, I do NOT need to gain any more weight. So, I'm thinking we probably need to have a much healthier (but tasty) meal.

So, what do you do for your Christmas? Do you have any good recipes you would like to share? I really would like to hear what you do.

Our tiny Christmas tree. 


  1. We like to do "tapa" (sp?) style dishes sometimes. For example, we will take large scallops (check Sam's for those), and sear them in a skillet, and then take small rolls & turn them into scallop burgers. Sometimes we will put the raw scallops in soy sauce for a few hours first before searing in the skillet. Then you can add tomatoes, etc. like you would for a burger.

  2. mmmm, that sounds wonderful. I LOVE scallops!

  3. We decided to have steamed shrimp, steaks on the grill and a big salad several years ago. All things that can be made ahead or cooked quickly... and the guys do the grilling so that helps! We also split the cost of the food as it can be expensive and cut back on the gift spending. Makes for a great meal and more family time together.