Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peppers Galore!

Jalapeno Peppers

Unlike a lot of the country, our weather has been warm. I am just lovin' it!!! I have a feeling, though, that it is about to change. But until it does, I will be enjoying my summer attire, including my capris, sandals, and short sleeve shirts. 

Red and Green Bell Peppers

Along with the warm weather, comes a longer gardening season. Having a husband with an extremely green thumb, we have quite the garden. In the past I have posted about the garden. Most of our garden is pretty much gone,  but not our peppers. We had an over-abundance of peppers this year. Just wished we had had the tomatoes to go along with them. I had planned to canned some salsa.

Hot Peppers
More Jalapeno Peppers

We had so many peppers, that there was no way we could eat them all. If we were not moving, I would freeze or can hot pepper jelly. But since I have a lot of my canning stuff in storage, and we have the house on the market, I really can't do any canning (seems like every time I start a major project, a realtor calls wanting to show the house in 30 minutes).

Last Sunday, we took a bunch of peppers to church, and boy did they get snatched up. I was really glad to see that. Wished I had brought more. I also brought some to my daughter and her husband in Baton Rouge. 

We enjoy our garden and am so glad that others can enjoy it too.  Hopefully, our next home will have a nice area for a garden, and the summer of 2012 will bless us with a nice garden!

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