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Friday, November 25, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again!!!

Every year, we have a tradition; probably not unlike many other families.  Mom wants family pictures for the Christmas card, so we all go out to a nice location to take pictures. Everyone complains, and the process takes forever.  Everyone becomes frustrated, and after a gazillion pictures are taken, everyone goes home upset. 

This year, I told everyone before we left for the park that if everyone would cooperate, it would not take long. So after getting our fill with turkey and all the fixin's we piled in the car and headed out. 

It was a beautiful day. Very sunny, and perfect temperature, probably 65 to 70 degrees. There were several people at the park, some brought their kids to playground, others were playing Frisbee golf. Others were just hanging out by the picnic tables visiting. 

We had a pretty good time just being with one another. I took several pictures, and so did my daughter. I had never used the timer on my camera, and I had also forgot to bring my tripod, so she took pictures of my husband and me . 

I really like my Transitions except for outdoor picture taking

I really wanted a family picture, so my husband suggested I just go ahead and try to use a picnic table for a tripod and we could try to figure out the timer. So we whipped out the instructions and read through it. I tried to pose everyone by one of the trees, saving a place for me. After messing with the camera a bit, I set the timer and  headed to the group.

The first try didn't come out too well. I really like to be hidden, but this was a bit obvious. So we tried again. 

Not too bad!  Everyone's eyes are open, no one is squinting, everyone is smiling, and we all look relaxed. I think we got our family Christmas card picture. Yeah! Now we can all go home and have some pie!

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