Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, May 7, 2012


Good Bye Louisiana, Hello Kentucky!

Now that we have a contract on the house, it is time to go looking for a home that will be a perfect fit for our family. Not sure how easy that will be.

On the want list, we have at least four bedrooms and two bathrooms. We would love a pool. We have to have a fenced in backyard. We need room for a garden in the back. We also need room for our pool table. I want an open area in the kitchen/family room area. I don't need granite counter tops, but would like to have nice counters, and a kitchen that is nice to cook in, one with plenty of storage. We would also like to have the master down and the rest of the bedrooms upstairs if we have a two story. We would actually rather have a one story, but not sure how realistic that is in the town we are moving too. Oh, and of course a two car garage.

Today, starts our search. We have some homes picked out, but, of course, all of our wants are not in one house. There will have to be much compromising, but that is expected anytime you go looking for a new home.

By the way, not sure if it will happen, but HGTV's House Hunters has said they would love to interview us for the show. I have a feeling that time constraints will be getting in the way, but we shall see...

Wish us luck, I think we just might need some...


  1. Oh, House Hunters?! I love that show.

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