Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Terry 13, Tammy 9, Tracey 5
This is a picture of my sisters and me getting ready to go to my 8th grade graduation. That was a long time ago. Looking at our "stylish" fashion and interior design, you can probably figure this took place around the Brady Bunch era. Sure glad the fashions and decor have changed! jesh!

As I look at this picture, it reminds me of the time when my family first moved to Florida. It was summer, 1967, just before my 8th birthday. We moved from Huntsville, Alabama. My dad had landed a job as a NASA Engineer at Kennedy Space Center, working on the Apollo program. Yes, we grew up in the middle of the early Space Program. At the time, it was no biggy, but looking back on it, they were exciting times. Sure wished I would have realized it then, but what child really understands these things?

Back in 1967 in Central Florida, the school system was having some issues. Seemed like there were constantly some sort of teaching strikes, so even though we were not Catholic, my parents thought it best for us to go to St. Mary's Catholic School. We weren't the only ones going to St. Mary's that were not Catholic, but the majority were. Most of the teachers were Irish nuns. I can still hear that Irish accent, LOVE IT! 

Funny things is, my youngest sister really had a weird accent, between living in the south, the Irish nuns, parents from Colorado, and many of her friends that were from New York, Tracey had quite the accent. Eventually, she grew out of it, and pretty much just sounds like someone for the West, with a little Southern slang here and there. 

 What a fun picture this is. These are some of the neighborhood girls that I hung out with. My best friend was not able to make this birthday party, but most of the rest of my friends were there. It really doesn't seem that long ago. I wonder what ever happened to these girls. Only one of them I sorta know about, but the rest? Who knows. Kinda makes me sad. If you can't guess, I'm the blonde in blue, second from the right. I think I was about ten. 

Those were the good ole days. Bike rides around the neighborhood, and everyone over to our house for a nice swim. I am grateful for a nice childhood!


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