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Friday, May 11, 2012

Foto Friday

Oh wow! Is this Friday already?! Where did the week go?  Well, since, my husband and I have been busy with the house hunting, I've decided to just post some house pictures. The reason I took pictures, is because when you see so many homes, they tend to get jumbled in your mind, and you really can't remember what house had what. Like you know, "Wasn't that the house with the funky floors? Oh, no, that was the other two story, or wait, maybe it was the ranch over on Smith Street."
Speaking of "funky floors..." not only did this floor have some water damage (the leak was fixed and all damage except the floor repaired), but it was a bit much. Over 1200 square feet of basement has this floor. We would have to replace this FO SHO!!!

Then you have this kind of damage. A lot of the homes in the area are like this. Most homes were built in the 90's and have no porches, so, when you get rain, you get this over time.
ooooooo! How about this, people!? I have always wanted a weeping willow in my yard!
Corian counter tops anyone? I really like these!
Or we could have granite...
Paper work says this house has tray ceilings. Sorry, folks, this is NOT a tray ceiling!
Now, this is a TRAY ceiling, a quite large one, but it is a tray ceiling.
We saw some really nice mirrors in the bathrooms.
And some funky, yet fun furniture. I actually think I like this. Sure would go nicely with the black bed we have.
Well, anyway, we sure looked at a lot of houses, some nicer than others, some that needed a lot of work, but had great potential. So what house did we choose?
Stay tuned...

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  1. I like your photos! Send me an email when you have your Button Blog Hop piece posted as I don't want to miss it!