Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The inspector came while we were looking for a house in Kentucky. This guy has a reputation of finding dumb things, like "replacing all exterior windows with child proof ones." Never heard of that one. Since we knew about him, there were a few small things that we knew needed to be fixed, so we left them for him to find; for example, the light under the stove vent was broken and the cover missing. We knew where the cover was and the light was easy to fix, so we figured he might find that. He didn't.   

Instead he found one of our toilets had a small leak. No biggy. Not sure how I missed that, I guess that goes to show you how small of a leak it was. Then he found that our Rinnai hot water heater didn't have a certain pipe. The plumber said he had never seen this particular pipe on one before, and that the inspector was being picky. One other thing the inspector found was that our gas fire place was installed improperly. Good thing we never decided to use it! The plumber told me he didn't know how it had passed the builders inspection. I agreed and wondered how it also passed inspection when we bought the house almost five years ago. 

The last thing we have to do, is have all the outside doors and windows caulked. Again, we think the inspector is being a bit picky. The new owners even told us not to worry about it, that it was a bit over the top; BUT, since we are dealing with a relocation company, we have to have EVERYTHING on the report fixed. 

So, tomorrow afternoon, the guy is coming to caulk, and we will finally be able to sign the house over to the relocation company. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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