Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Almost five years ago, we moved to Monroe, LA. Soon after we moved in, three ladies came knocking on my door. In their hands, was a welcome packet. They were the neighborhood's welcoming committee. I noticed they were in their exercise gear, and asked if they walk the neighborhood. I was told they did and invited me to come along. The next day, I started my daily walks with them.

Over the years, we have become very close. We walk each Monday through Friday morning for about an hour. Our neighborhood is huge, and we cover about three to four miles each day. In addition to walking, we have also gotten together for lunch, shopping, and other activities. We have supported each other during times of medical emergencies and happy events. I sometimes feel we are the "Steel Magnolias" of Frenchman's Bend.

Through these ladies, I have also met some nice women in the neighborhood. Several years ago, we had what was called, Ladies of the Bend. We would meet once a month and have anywhere from guest speakers about woman's health issues, to Christmas parties where we would have a gift exchange. I remember one time they invited me to be a guest and show off my jewelry. Ladies of the Bend no longer is in existence, but a lot of these women still meet once a month for Pokeno, meeting at the country club and having a meal as they play. I've only gone twice, because I have sporting events, etc with my kids. The times I have gone, I see that these ladies have a great time.

I have enjoyed my walks through the neighborhood with "The Walkers." That's what we call ourselves. These women have helped me in many ways. I am really going to miss them once we have moved. I'm not sure that I will be able to find another group quite like these girls. I do know, though, that I will always have close friends in Louisiana.

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