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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Start of Summer 2012

Today is Memorial Day. Usually, on this day, our family is doing family stuff. I know my extended family in Colorado are going to all the graves and decorating them. Did you know Memorial Day use to be called Decoration Day? I guess it's because people go around decorating graves of loved ones.
 Colorado, close to where some of my family are buried
In past years on this weekend, we have been on cruises. It is the first weekend that everyone is out of school, and the last weekend before the rates go way up. It is warm, but not excessively warm like it gets as the summer progresses; a perfect time for a family cruise.
This years is a little different. I guess we are pretty much homeless. We sold and moved out of our previous home, and can't get into our new home for about a month. Bill's parents have been nice enough to let us crash, three big kids, a dog and Bill and I. It sure is nice to have great in laws!
Scott in Tennessee on the Carter property
This Memorial Day is pretty quiet. Bill went canoeing and fishing with his cousin, and the boys went out to the creek. It's just me, Sox and Bill's mom and dad. To be honest, I am enjoying the quiet. Last week was so chaotic, that a few days of peace and rest have been a welcome sight for me.
 One of many creeks the kids like to go
Tomorrow begins another week. Being a Tuesday, it will be a short week. Bill starts back to work, and Scott goes in for some testing and interviews before he starts his summer job at the plant. I think Benjamin, Sox and I will be headed up to Kentucky to scope things out. Probably join the YMCA, get Benjamin registered for school and then meet the inspector at our future home. Not sure how long we will stay, all depends on if Scott has to work the weekend. For the next several weeks, our lives will be played by ear. That's kinda hard for a gal who likes to make lists and plan....

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