Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, August 31, 2012


These last couple of days, I have been so preoccupied with the The Weather Channel and Hurricane Isaac, I plumb forgot about


Just to let you know, Ashley and Jeremy road out the storm just fine down in Baton Rouge. They were only without power for about 24 hrs, not bad at all. And Scott up in Monroe, did fine too. They just got a little wind and rain.

But anyway.....

I joined a photography club about a month ago, and have been basing my Foto Friday's on their weekly challenge. This week, I have had a problem trying to figure out what I would like to use for the challenge. The challenge is...DECAY. The first thing I thought of was tooth decay. EWWWW! Then I remembered the tree in the back.
I've taken quite a few pictures of this tree since we have moved in, and I wanted to do something else. Then I remembered the old rotten log on the property back behind us, so I headed over to take a picture of that log "decaying." 
Then I looked up
                                                                  Oh my!!!!
Can you see all the butterflies?
Here, let me blow it up a little bit more for you.
They look a lot like the butterflies from the butterfly release my daughter and her husband did for their wedding.
Goes to show you, how if you don't keep your eyes open and look around, you could easily miss so many of God's beautiful creations. 
Looks like I need to slow down just a bit.

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