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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bead Peeps Bead Swap Reveal 2019!

About six weeks ago, I signed up for a bead swap and hop. Bead Peeps, Linda Anderson of Cherry on Top Design organized the fun, and she paired me up with Cynthia O'Toole of Sparkles and Sweets.

Check out, in detail, all the things I sent Cynthia here...

and go here to see all the pretties, in detail, she sent me.

any who.....

The day has finally come! Today is the big reveal!!!
so....I'm going to just hop right into it...
First, I decided to make a bunch of earrings. Since I had so many beads and fun stuff, I knew they would make some pretties for your ears.

I really like how the links turned out as earrings!

Here are more links and beads. I added some howlite beads I already had on hand for a pop of color.

More of my own stash of howlite on these for added color.

Since coral is the color of the year, I decided to add some coral colored beads for a pop of color to these.

Love how the howlite enhances the amber color in these glass beads.

...and then the coral with the amber looks so summery fun!

How about a pair of mismatched summer earrings?

I think the earrings pair nicely with this necklace!

I love the boho hippie style, and this rose is prefect on the cream hemp cording and glass beads.

Some more boho hippie...

Normally, I don't wear crosses. I am Christian, but we like to reflect on the resurrection of the Savior, not His death.
That being said...I am part of a line dance group, and the ladies like to wear their crosses. This will be a perfect piece for me to wear when we perform.

One of the items I make quite frequently are the wax cord adjustable bracelets. I love how the crystal starfish looks with the blue and white cording.

Here is another one of my surfer style wax cord, adjustable bracelets.

Remember the really pretty stone I mentioned in an earlier post? I mentioned I would like to have kitchen counter tops like this. Well, this is what I made with it. I took some silver tone wire to make a pendant and hung it onto the coconut beads Cynthia sent. I had some sea foam green sea glass beads I added, along with some silver tone chain, and a fun toggle clasp I had in my stash. I really love the way this piece turned out. This is a very versatile piece, and I have a feeling I will be wearing this quite a bit.

In this bead swap challenge, there is a few side challenges..and their are prizes too!

One of the things we are challenged to do is to think outside the box.

This last piece is not jewelry for your body, but jewelry for our car!

Yes...a rearview mirror dangle, or charm, or hanger. Not really sure what you call them. But it is something for you to hang onto the rearview mirror of your car!

I love the little lovebirds that hang from this piece!

The other categories in the design challenge are
Best Design
Best of Color.

Well, there ya have it. Bead Peeps 2019 Bead Swap Challenge by TappingflamingoBling!

Now....go check out the other talented people in the swap!

Below, is a list of all the very talented designers. They first group are non seed beaders, and they second group are seed beaders.

Hope Smitherman http://CraftyHope.com
Seed Beaders


  1. Wow! Quite the king’s ransom in jewelry. I am totally in awe of your ability with earrings. I always struggle & it can take me longer to make one pair than a necklace.

  2. I love the mismatched summer earrings--my favorite. Very cute and fun!

  3. You created SO MANY designs! I'm impressed. Nicely done working with your challenge pieces.

  4. My favorite was the mismatched earrings and the matching necklace. Great idea to make lots of earrings

  5. Loved the mismatched earrings and the necklace that was a match. Great idea to make lots of earrings

  6. Good job and getting the maximum out of the swap soup :D

  7. BEAUTIFUL work! Sooo many earrings and necklaces to choose from! My fave is the counter top necklace. I.like the wire wrap and that you incorporated other beads, too. Nice work!

  8. Oh my goodness! You eirked do hard and created dome absolutely stunning pieces. Wiw!

  9. A beautiful array of earrings! Clever use of the connectors, I must try that :) And I like the boho hippie spirited necklaces so much, especially the one with the Dalmatian jasper!

  10. Lots of fun things here, love the rear-view mirror dangle. ☺

  11. WOW! So many fantastic designs! You really out did yourself. I love that you used hemp or cording on so many of your pieces. Your swap items had a very hippie, boho vibe and that just makes it perfect!