Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


We have been blessed to live on this beautiful planet. The diversity is breath taking. From the majestic mountains right down to the expansive seas and even the colorful desserts! 

It is our responsibility to take care of this place, and one way to do it is to recycle. Most of us are onboard with this, but if you live in an area like I do, you might find it difficult...or is it really that difficult?

If you can't take your bags to the local recycle center, reuse them. They make perfect trash bags. I also like to use them to wrap my shoes in when I travel, or use them to put your dirty clothes in. All of us love to swim while on vacation. Where do you put your wet suites and towels? Try one of the plastic grocery bags. There are endless ways to use those bags!

One other thing I recycle are old guitar strings. I started this back when I first picked up the mountain dulcimer. The group I played with would bring me their old strings. This started when our leader brought me her's and said to me, "Terry, you are crafty, I bet you could come up with something to make out of these." She was right! Ideas started to flow into my head. 

First I made bracelets.

When the holidays started up, I made ornaments

Then earrings and pendants soon followed.

I love to cruise! Usually, our family joins the gift exchange that some of the cruises have, and so I decided to start making keychains.

Funny thing is, after I made a few of my creations, I got online to see if anyone else had made anything with old guitar strings. Well...I guess I was not the only one that had a great idea, because guitar string bracelets were everywhere...but...they were pretty pricy! 

Cleaning the strings is pretty intense, but actually making most of the strings is not.

Except maybe the more elaborately beaded ones...those can be pretty intense too. 

A friend of mine bought some guitar string bracelets (not from me). The bracelets had no beads or fanciness to them...and she paid $60 to $80 for them. I couldn't believe it. I don't even price my fancy ones for that. Of course, she bought them at a retail brick and mortar store, which makes a huge difference. There is a huge mark up on those type pieces so everyone involved can be paid. I  don't have a middle man, so this is why I can keep my prices lower. 

I love creating new pieces from old stuff. I have even taught classes and workshops on how to make guitar string bracelets. Those are always a lot of fun! 

So, why not check out some creative ideas as gifts for this holiday season? TappingflamingoBling offers a new line of Princess and Cruise Ship Christmas ornaments, and even a guitar string bracelet kits!

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