Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, January 9, 2012


We have lived in our house for over four years. When we first moved in, there was no landscaping.  That has pretty much been an on going process. One of the things I wanted in my landscape was a really cool fountain. Most everyone in the neighborhood has one, but they all look pretty much the same...fleur de lis style. What do you expect when you live in Louisiana?

We shopped around for quite some time. I pretty much knew what I wanted. I was drawn to the ones that had a pot draining into another pot into another pot.  One day when my husband and I were out and about, we came upon the perfect fountain.

It is now winter.  The grass looks dead and most everything is dormant.  Lately, I have noticed cats coming to our fountain to get a drink. Seems like a different one every day. The first time I noticed a cat in our fountain, it had been a cold night, and the poor thing had to break the ice to get his drink. I wanted to help, but really didn't want a cat to adopt me. He finally got his drink and was on his way. 

The next day, there was different cat at our fountain.  He caught me getting his picture. He finished getting his drink and was on his way. I don't mind, in fact I'm kinda glad they can stop by and pay me a visit at our fountain. 


  1. Cats love to drink from running water. It's a cat thing.

  2. funny thing is it was not running, and the first one came when the water was frozen.