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Thursday, January 26, 2012


In 2007, about two weeks before we moved to Louisiana, my daughter and I went to Virginia Beach for dance nationals. When we first heard about this trip, I was not that excited about it. You see, it takes over 12 hours to get there from where we were living at the time. One other option our dancers had was Nashville, TN. This is where my in-laws lived; that would have been so much nicer, easier, and cheaper.

My daughter acting silly. We just loved these signs!

At first, we decided to make this a family trip. The boys could spend time on the beach with their dad, while us girls attended all the competitions and classes.  Then the dreaded thing happened, we were relocated. My husband started work in June, and the competition was the end of July. This meant that I could not go. Ashley would probably have to go with someone else, if at all. I could not leave the boys by themselves, they were too young. I was very sad.

Then...my mom and dad stepped in. Mom said she would love to come with us and my dad would stay with the boys. So, we had a girl trip. I really did not look forward to the drive. I hate driving long distances (don't mind riding, just hate to drive).  I also hate driving in big cities. This trip included several big cities--including Washington DC! Well......maybe we could try to avoid that.....

Well, when we got to Virginia Beach head to our motel We were very pleased. We were right on the boardwalk and just a few steps from the beach...perfect!!!! Our room overlooked the pool and the beach.

The restaurant next to our motel

We did get to spend a little time at the pool and on the beach.

Ashley and her friend had some time to ride bikes on the boardwalk.

We got to spend a little time shopping,

and goofing around.

But most of our time was spend practicing and watching the girls do real well in their dances.

Sure glad Virginia Beach was chosen, because we sure had a great time!!!!
(Thanks to my mom and dad)

**The pictures used in this blog were taken by my daughter and me, and have been taken from our facebook pages.**
The reason I added this comment is because they keep being taken off from some reason (probably copyright laws). Hopefully they will stay, because I give myself permission to use them, and my daughter has given me permission too...

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