Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Several years ago we were asked to bring a flower to Young Women In Excellence.   This flower was to represent our daughter, and we were to tell why we chose that flower.

I thought about what flower to bring. I love all kinds of flowers. Daisies are one of my favorite. They are a happy flower. I also like yellow roses, actually, I love any yellow flower.  I also like wildflowers. There's nothing like a bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers!

Ashley is a very unique young lady. She loves life and is a friend to all. Rarely have I seen her judge anyone, and because of that, people are drawn to her. I have seen her notice someone sitting all alone at a youth activity; she would go up and sit down and start talking to her.  I can remember as a youth myself, being that girl, all alone and wishing someone would come sit and talk to me. It always amazed me, that Ashley would do things like this. I know how nice it made that individual feel.

At first, I thought of bringing a daisy, but that's too common. Ashley is a very bright and happy individual, just like the daisy, but she is unique, and daisies are not unique. 

To help with my decision, I started looking up flower meanings. That is when I came across the Pansy. Don't you just love the look of a Pancy with it's cute little face? I love Pansies, and you really do not see them much. They are a happy, cheerful little flower, and very unique. So that is why I chose the Pansy.

Now, what to say...

At the program, the parents brought all kinds of flowers, roses, daisies, carnations, etc. Some were duplicated, actually a lot were duplicated. Then it was my turn. I was the only one that brought this unique flower, and I was happy about that.

As I stood, and started to speak, the first words out of my mouth were...

"My daughter is a pansy..."
Oh...my...! Never said that outloud til that moment. Of course everyone started to chuckle, including me. No! my daughter is NOT a pansy! I proceeded...

My daughter is like the flower Pansy...a unique and happy individual.  I really cannot remember exactly what I said, but it actually was pretty good. Even though it did not start out to be the best of words, it ended quite well, so well, in fact, that my daughter kept the paper I had it written on (I should have her get it out so I can look at exactly what I said). 

No, my daughter is not a pansy, she is a very delicate, yet strong woman. She has beauty inside and out. She is a wonderful example to me and others.

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