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Friday, January 6, 2012

Foto Friday Week 2

Foto Friday 
Week 2
Self Portrait 

As I was thinking about how I could do self portrait, I thought of all the things I like to do. One of which is NOT getting my picture taken.  So, how can I do self portrait without actually having my picture taken?  Well, that's not possible, but I can take pictures of me behind my favorite things; one of which is TAKING pictures.

Another thing I like to do is make jewelry. As a teen, my sisters and I use to make jewelry all the time. When we got older and going to college, we just did not have the time. My sister got back into to it and is now an author of several how to make jewelry books, plus she has an Etsy, and writes for about.com (http://jewelrymaking.about.com/).  She got me back into the jewelry making business almost 20 years ago.

One other thing I love to do and started when I was three is dance. I especially love to tap dance.  Don't have any place I can actually take classes now that I'm old...but I still love it!

My most favorite thing, though above all else, is spending time with my family...

One thing I learned about this assignment is that this was very challenging. I did, however, learn to be more comfortable with the timer on my camera, and my tripod.

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