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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where Is It!?

The sun supplies us with vitamin D, but since most of us do not live in an area where we get enough sun, or that we use a lot of sunscreen, or are indoors all the time, most of us do not get enough D. So, we us should be taking vitamin D preferably D3, and with Calcium.

The last time I went to the doctor, my vitamin D results came back REALLY low. I was pretty surprised, I have never had my vitamin D low, even when I lived in Indiana, where the sun rarely shines.  I questioned the results, and my doctor did retest me, but in the mean time she put me on a very high vitamin D regiment. I was taking more than 6000 units a day.  Less than a week later, I started having some severe pain throughout my body. I'm not sure if it was the large amounts of vitamin D, or something else, but when my results came back above normal, I took myself off the high dosage. Lately, I've been taking calcium with D3; so I've been getting about 1000 units of D3. Most of my pain has subsided. Not sure if there is a connection, but, anyway...

A few weeks ago, I was grocery shopping, and noticed my calcium with D3 was on sale. Even though I did not need any, I still bought some; and since we have our house on the market and I didn't want vitamin bottles on the counter, I put the extra bottle away, in a nice safe place.  So, today, I took my last pill, and guess what!? I can't remember where I put the new bottle. I guess I need to start taking vitamin B12 for memory loss.

Well, better get back to my search...

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  1. This reminds me - I need to buy some more Vit D. (I do the D3, also).