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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freezer Smoothie

Lately, I'v really gotten into Pinterest. There are so many cool ideas on there. One of the ideas I decided to try.

I love smoothies, and lately, since I've started my healthy eating, I've been fixing me a lot of smoothies. I usually only use fruit, nothing else. I saw the idea of bagging up your smoothie ingredients and freezing for later use. The reason I thought this was such a great idea, is that all you have to do is grab it out of the freezer.

Dump it into your blender and add some water (or if you want milk).

Then blend for a very yummy smoothie treat. 

Smoothie Ingredients
1/2 cup orange juice (I froze this in a muffin tin)
1/2 banana
12 small frozen strawberries
put all ingredients into a freezer bag and freeze for later use. When ready to blend you will need to add some liquid either water (I use), or milk. You just have to play around with how much you need. I will be at least 3/4 cup or more. Or you could just set it out for a while and let it defrost a little.

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