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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beware of Target's Return Policy

Target  has long been one of my favorite places to shop. Most stores are clean, spacious, and have some pretty neat things. A friend of my has told me, though, of some of her not so good experiences at the store. I tended to brush them off, until yesterday.

I did some extensive Christmas shopping at Target this year. One of the things I bought were jeans for my three boys. They are really hard to fit, as they are thin around the waist, but have athletic thighs. They hate the new skinny jeans, and while I was shopping at Target, I noticed the Levi Denizen jeans.  Upon inspection, I figured the 299's would probably be perfect for them. I only bought one pair for each, as I was not sure I was getting the right size. Scott's fit him perfect, but Miles' was too long (yesterday, Ben still had not tried his on). 

Yesterday, my mom and I went out doing some after Christmas shopping. I took back the jeans, and had left the receipt at home. While my mom stood in the return line, I went and got the right size jeans. When we got to the counter I told the sales lady that I just wanted to exchange, and she asked for my receipt. I told her they were a gift, and she told me she could not help me, that I had to have a receipt. I clarified--" for an exchange?" She said, "Yes ma'm." I was confused and again told her I just wanted to exchange for a different size. Still she could not help me. She said I could get my money back---$3 less than what I paid for them (I had paid $20), and then I could repurchase them at $22. That made no since to me. I just wanted to exchange them. Nope, not happenin'. 

I had some Christmas cards in my hand that I was going to purchase, and I dropped them on the counter, and told her that I refuse to shop here, and that I was not ever shopping at Target again! Over comes a very young looking man, and says to me, "Now we don't throw things." as if I was his child. First off I did not throw them, I dropped them on the counter, and second, he needed to go back to where he came from and finish helping his customers. What I needed was to talk to a supervisor, which never occurred.  As I was leaving with my too long pants, she says to me, "Ma'm, do you have the credit card it was purchased with?" I told her I did, and then all was well...I was able to exchanged without paying more. 

Now, why didn't she say that in the first place?

Today, I looked up the "new" Target return policy. And I quote..."So if Aunt Minnie gave you a shirt in "large" but you're a "medium," you can exchange it without a hassle, even if she tossed the receipt." I guess this store didn't get the memo...

Well, now Ben finally tried on his jeans, and guess what? I have to take them back. UGGGG! I really don't want to deal with them again. Maybe, I'll have him take them back.


  1. Print up the return policy and bring it with you.

  2. I agree with Tammy....I have not had any issues with clothing at Target.I think to that it has to do with the clerk that you get at the Return Counter,some are easy to deal with others aren't.My issues have been with Computer software....& Towels that they would not let me exchange that were defective...they do not stand behind the products that they Sale.So some Items I never buy there.We also had issues with a Stroller/Infant seat that parts had been left out of the box....they did not want to stand behind.