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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hungry For Change?

Last night, I decided to watch a movie that my sister told me about some time ago. I pretty much knew what it was all about, but I finally have time to actually sit down and watch a movie, so I sent my son to the library to pick it up.  After returning home with the movie, we find that it is locked, so I had to send him back out so the library could unlock it for me to watch. Needless to say, my son was a tad upset.

I've always been a bit concerned with our food, but after watching this movie, I am more disgusted than ever at our food industry and at our government who is controlling it. Do people realize how this affects us? It does in every way. For one thing it is affecting our health and our health care system. If one eats healthy, then one has less health issues. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc, would essential disappear. It might be more expensive to eat healthier, but in the long run it is actually cheaper. Our health bill would be much less, and we would miss less work. One other thing that would improve is our economy. We would create more real jobs, and by improving our health, I do believe that our quality of life would improve. It's a win-win situation.

Most of us do not think we have a voice. Not true! We do. In this film it mentions about how just what we buy influenced the biggest company in the world--Walmart. Baby steps! We need to speak up, grow gardens, eat less chips and more veggie. Now I'm not saying we can't have junk food, or fast food. But, folks, a lot of us are having these things on a daily basis...several times a day. Junk food, fast food, etc. should be more of a treat. We also need to go back to the basics, eat what is in season, and remember, all things in moderation.

I do believe too, that if we start eating like we should, healthy, and at the table with our families, this could also improve our family life. I actually think we could strengthen the family unit.

I feel that EVERYONE needs to watch this movie, and we all need to band together so we can improve our quality of life for us and our future offspring.

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  1. Yes, it does cost more to eat right. For example, we have been eating range free organic eggs for a few years now. Remember that nasty stuff with eggs making people sick awhile back? Not so with range free/organic because the chickens are treated with some humanity & and they aren't living in filth.