Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


What a gorgeous day it started out being. Temperatures were around 50 and the sun was shining. I was invited to a friend's house for a visit and hot chocolate, so I hopped in the car to drive to her house, and what I ran into truly made me sad! A pile of garbage lay in the middle of one of our neighborhood roads. 

My question is this....why do people have to clean out their trashy cars into the road? I know this is exactly what happened. I see it quite often in our town. Lazy people who cannot even bag up the trash in their cars into a Walmart bag and put-it-into a trash can.  Last year, after a high school football game, we were headed out to our car, when I see a family, with young children, tossing trash out of their car, and then they drove away. I stood their speechless! Then I got angry! I do not understand, and boy, what a thing to teach your kids! 

Louisiana has the potential to be one of the most beautiful states, if not the most beautiful, but because we have such trashy, non carrying people who live here, we are one of, if not THE most trashiest state. As I ride down the roads of the state (and I've been all over the state), I see a lot of trash on the sides of the roads. I have even heard that because of this, Louisiana has lost out on some important businesses that looked into moving here. 

We as citizens and visitors to any place we go, have a responsibility to leave a place as good, if not better than how we found it. Whenever I went on hiking trips in the mountains, we always brought our trash back out with us, never leaving it behind. This makes it so much nicer for the people who come in behind us, and I really appreciate it when the people before me have done the same. This also includes not just the trash, but putting things away when are done, like the buggies at the store. 

Another pet peeve of mine is when one leaves their buggy just anywhere. Half the time you try to park, you cannot find a place because people have left their buggy in the parking places. AND you also find when you come back to your car, that a buggy has scratched up your car, etc. So selfish and lazy. In my opinion, the  only ones who have an excuse to not take their buggies to the designated area, are those who have young children, or the elderly or handicapped who physically cannot, and those are few and far between.

There is a store that we use to shop at in Indiana that had a really good idea (they have them now in Florida too). You have to pay a quarter to get your buggy, then when you were done, if you brought back your buggy, you got your quarter back. Ingenious! Guess what? All, and I do mean ALL buggies are ALWAYS put back. 

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