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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a Wonderful Christmas 2011!

What a wonderful Christmas we had! All the kids, my parents, and my wonderful husband were home. It was a little different this year, as our family has been scattered everywhere, but at least everyone was here for a few days during the holidays. That is truly something to be grateful for.

December 16, everyone started to trickle in. Ashley and Jeremy were the last to come since they had to work on Christmas Eve. They arrived late that evening, and pretty much as soon as they came, we did the gift thing. We were up til after midnight talking and enjoying each other's company.

My sister crochet hats for all the men...
I think they all liked them

My dad trying to tidy up as the gifts were being opened

Everyone trying to tidy things up and head to bed

Since Ashley's birthday is the day after Christmas and they had to leave early that morning, I went ahead and gave her her bday present early. 

The next morning, we had the privilege to attend church. Since Christmas fell on a Sunday, what better way to celebrate our Savior's birth!

As soon as we came home, we tried taking some family pictures. We did the set the timer thing, so they weren't the best pictures, but I finally was able to get an ok one. I think next time, I won't wear solid black, as it looks like I have no arms. I promise you, I have arms, lol.  I would have loved to go outside for pictures, but it was raining. Sox wanted to get in on the action too. She usually doesn't like to get her picture taken, but since everyone else was, she just hopped right onto Nannie's lap.

My three boys scattered the second we were done with the family picture. They really didn't want to take pictures in the first place.

But Ashley and Jeremy stayed around

And we were able to get some pictures of them

Even some goofy ones!

After we finished with pictures, and got into more comfortable clothes, it was time to head to the kitchen.  Usually, we have pretty much the same thing we have for Thanksgiving; turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, apple salad, rolls, and pumkin pie. Since we had church Christmas morning I decided to simplify it.

I cooked a glazed ham, and we had apple salad, baked sweet potatoes and regular baked potatoes, Autumn salad, rolls, crock pot gluten free macaroni and cheese, cherry pie, and pumpkin pie. I could pretty much put everything in the oven/crock pot, and let it do it's job.  Less work for the cook!  And...everything was a success!

Don't you just love the salt and pepper shakers Scott got me?

After dinner, we all just sat around and chilled.

Now, pretty much everyone is gone. Bill, Ashley and Jeremy had to leave the day after Christmas because of work. My Mom and Dad stayed around for a few days, but they are gone.  Scott can't get into his form 'til Tuesday, so we have him for a few more days :D
Pretty soon, it's just going to be me, Miles and Benjamin, and back to our same ole routine...trying to sell our house! (I'm sure you all will be glad when we do, so you won't have to hear about it anymore).

Well, here's hoping that everyone had a great Christmas!

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