Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Louisiana Christmas

Most of the country is battling the cold, the snow, the yuck! Growing up in Florida, I remember Christmas day being the time that EVERY child was outside riding his or her new bike, or rollerskating down the sidewalk with their new skates; and I do mean SKATES, not roller blades. You know, the one's with the key? Anyway...I'm dating myself. 

We lived in an area that actually got white Christmases for a few years.  I much rather go to the beach on Christmas Day! Here in Louisiana, we also enjoy some warm weather. Not as warm as Florida, but still, compared to most of the rest of the country it is warm. Yesterday, it was in the mid 50's, today...62, tomorrow...74! Not sure when it is actually going to cool down, but I'm sure it will pretty soon. I think Friday it is suppose to be 55. 

I really prefer warm SUNNY weather, but warm cloudy weather is fine too. Yesterday it was sunny, today--not so much. 

I strolled around our yard to see what was going on with our plants, and saw that some were still trying to bloom.

Even my loquats had a few blooms.

I love the South and am grateful to be able to live and enjoy it's beauty. 

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