Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Needing a Healthier Lifestyle

For a few weeks, now, I have been trying to think of how to change our family's way of eating. Since I left on our first house hunting trip the beginning of October, I have been packing on the pounds. A pound here and a pound there quickly adds up on this small boned 5'4" body of mine. 

During the Christmas holiday, my mom and I sat down and did some discussing. Several years ago, I had been on LA Weight Loss and had great success. I lost 30 pounds, and never felt hungry. In fact, I had more than enough to eat, but in order to loose, I HAD to eat ALL the food.  I kept it off for quite awhile, until, that is, we moved to Louisiana. 

One thing I need is accountability. The reason LA Weight Loss worked so well for me, is that I knew three days a week, I was going in to be weighed and counselled. I feel that Weight Watchers success is partly because of this too. The only problem with Weight Watchers, is that because I am under 150 pounds, the point system failed me.  I was always hungry, as the points were not enough for me.

Anyway...Accountability!  As I said before, I lost a lot of weight with LA Weight Loss. I kept going in each week and weighing in to make sure it stayed off. They even contacted me about being one of their success stories. Then, we found out we were moving...to Louisiana. I was assured that I could transfer my membership, but to make a long story short, that was not the case. I had to rejoin and pay the expensive fee in order to stay a member here. I did not need to loose any weight, and so therefore, couldn't join, even if I wanted to.  I tried my best to be accountable to myself, but was not very successful, especially with all the wonderful food here in Louisiana. Within two months, I was almost back to my heavy weight.

Fast forward four years; my weight has been up and down, and I am tired of it. So, after I enjoy my New Year's Black Eyed Peas, I will be starting back on LA Weight Loss. This time, though, instead of being accountable to them, I will be accountable to my mom, as she will be doing it too. She lives in Florida, so this will be a long distance accountability. My goal? Well, I am starting out at 20 pounds. Now, I know this is going to be hard with the move coming up and all, as we probably will be living in a motel for a while. I've done this before, and usually, this is my beginning of gaining weight after I lost it. 

One of the benefits of my husband's new job is a discounted membership at the local YMCA. This particular YMCA is one of the best. They have a pool (outside during the summer and inside during the winter), weight room, basketball courts, racquet ball courts, and numerous classes.  I am really looking forward to it, especially the Zumba, Pilates, swimming, circuit training, and racquet ball.  In addition to the Tia Chi class they offer at the local community college.  I figured, if the schedule works out, I can do one of these activities or classes everyday. That will not only keep me from getting bored, but also keep my muscles guessing.

Hopefully, this time, I will have a very long term success!!!


  1. I like how you have a picture of me for this post! I take that as a compliment! :D

  2. yep,looked like that once, would like to again, but I also gotta remember I am 30 years older than you, and have had four children, so I'm going to be realistic...