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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tia Chi, Anyone?

Lately, I have been in a lot of pain. I absolutely HATE it! I like to be active and self sufficient. For the past month or so, I have had all these weird pains. It would hurt just to get out of bed. I have an aunt with Lupus, and a sister with Scleroderma and Fibromylagia, and I know that autoimmune is in our genes. I have hand problems, and have had a few surgeries--carpel tunel and trigger thumb. I've also had some feet issues.  Since I grew up dancing, and majored in it in college, being on my feet and dancing 90% of the time barefoot, that has caught up with me as I have gotten older. Bunions, neuroma, and worst off plantar fasciitus have plagued me in recent years. 

About ten years ago, I really started having major pain in my feet.  It was so bad that I had a hard time walking at all, sometimes, at night when I had to get up to go to the bathroom, I would just crawl to the bathroom (I know, sounds pitiful). The doctor said it was probably fibromyalgia. I knew it was not, and soon I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. After some physical therapy, I was able to start tap dancing and power walking again. The therapy I had was wonderful. We were livng in Muncie, IN at the time. Our local hospital, Ball Memorial, had a special therapy they were new to using called ASTYM. Let me tell you, it was one of the best forms of therapy and it worked real well with me. In addition to the ASTYM, I also started wearing Birkenstock shoes, and now that is pretty much all I wear.

So, why am I have pain now. I have pretty much been pain free for almost ten years, and now it has come back. I went to the doctor, and they took a bunch of blood tests. So far the only thing they have found is that I have a lot of inflammation. But Why? The jury is still out. My doctor did finally talk me into taking Prednisone, a form of steroid. I really did not want to be put on this, as it is going to put some weight on me, and personally, I think this might be part of the problem. I was doing so well with losing weight til I had those stupid blood clots last year and had to be put on Coumiden and avoid all my favorite foods--spinach, lettuce, all the green leafy veggies. But anyway, that is another story. I've been on this Prednisone for two days, now and boy, can I ever tell a difference. My pain is essentially gone. I will only be on it for eight days. I can tell, I have put on some lbs, but maybe after the eight days, I will be able to get some of it off, and hopefully, I will be pain free.

You are probably wondering why I am sharing this with you. Well, someone told me that Tia Chi, is a good way to control pain. I Googled Tia Chi and found there had been a study with persons with fibromyalgia taking Tia Chi. Looks like I might be doing some additional research. Even if my pain goes away and never comes back, I think Tia Chi might be something that would be good to do. Research has shown that in addition to relieving pain, it can reduce high blood pressure (which, thankfully, I do not have a problem with), stress, depression, and other medical issues. As I do not have a problem with any of that except the pain, who knows what the future holds for any of us. Tia Chi might be something that is good for me to learn regardless if I have medial issues now.

Have any of you had any experience with Tia Chi? I would like to hear what your experiences have been. 


  1. Well, I don't have any experience with Tai Chi, but I have recently experienced some imbalance issues that has caused me to make some dietary changes. I was just going thru a book I've had for several years. It is called "Beauty Secrets of the Bible" by Ginger Garrett. I originally purchased it thru a friends' recommendation to make some natural skin cleansers. What I had forgotten was the great info on foods and their benefits. One of the recommendations was Omega 3's for anti inflammation, of which you find in fish, and....walnuts! Who knew? It's a great book, with lots of helpful info.

  2. I took a Tia Chi class one time, and well, let's just say the next time I decide to take one I will be about 110 years old. Then it will be a good work out for me ;)

  3. Tammy, I kinda thought this at first too, but when I really looked at it, I changed my mind. I believe when you do things slow, it makes it harder. Tia Chi looks to be very grounded and controlled, using your core to balance. Don't think I would be doing it everyday, but maybe a couple times a week and then combining Pilates and Zumba with my power walking and then maybe one day of swimming should get me into pretty good shape. If I can just quit hurting, I would love to do all these. If we can ever get moved, the YMCA there has these classes and Bill is already a member, so....