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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bead Soup Is Simmering

I am involved with another Bead Swap!  My partner and I talked to each other the other day, and boy, do we have a lot in common. I really enjoyed our chat. 

Cyndi Turner Bauschka, better known as CJ is my partner. You need to hop on over to her blog and see her beautiful creations. Her specialty is off loom bead weaving, which, in my opinion, is NOT easy!!!  You should see all the goodies she sent me.

When I opened the mail box and picked up the package, it made a fun sound! She had everything packaged so nicely in small containers.
And there was a lot!
I got everything out and sorted them to see exactly what I had.
I had a little bit of everything.
Sorry about the bad quality, I really need to get a macro lens.
Then....you should see what else she sent me!
Like, WOW!!!!
Yes! She sent me one of her beautiful creations. I wore it yesterday!
It's hard to tell here, but she used purples, greens, coppers, and there is a dragonfly hanging there too!
Maybe you can see it better here.
There's a very different clasp. Not sure if I've seen one like this before, but she put the back together very nicely, you could almost wear it backwards, it's so pretty.
And there you have it....So what am I going to do? Well, I've already made a pair of earrings that I love! Wonder what else I have up my sleeve? Well stay tuned to find out...

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  1. Looks like lots of fun is in store for you! I hope you enjoy yourself, can't wait to see the pictures