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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Redecorating on a Budget

When my sisters and I were growing up, it was pretty common to rearrange furniture in our house. I can also remember doing the same at my best friends, Melissa's home too.  It was a free, fun, experience to "redecorate" our rooms. 

I can remember doing this and then seeing how long it would take our dad to realize things were different. He was like most men, never really noticed. Eventually, he would notice (like days later) when he was in search for something in particular.  He'd usually say something like, "when did you move the furniture?" We would tell him, a week ago, then he would look at us with a surprised expression, and say, "REALLY!?" and then chuckle. 

When Melissa and I would spend the night at each other's house, which was quite often, we would most always redo our bedroom, spending all night moving, cleaning, etc. Today, I really don't notice many people doing this anymore. 

If you want a very inexpensive interior design redo, rearranging furniture, pictures, etc. is the best way. It cost $0! Several years ago, I use to watch a show that had professionals that would come into a home and use what was in the house to redo rooms. I wish that show was still on, because, I like to see what can be done to a home to improve the look without paying a cent.

Now if you have a little more than zero to spend, painting is another cheap thing to do. In bedrooms, one can paint, purchase new bedding, and you have a whole new look. Who says you have to buy new furniture?
I took this old head board,
painted it black,
and doesn't it look nice?

Something else I've done recently is just add a little touch to our lamps. We've had these lamps for years, and I love them. When we first purchased them, I thought they would look really nice with some beading, After all these years, I finally beaded them.
Don't ya love it?

Pillows can also be a good touch. You can find inexpensive pillows or make them for a pop of color.

Lately, we have been showing our house just about every other day. Finally, we have had a lot of traffic. For the most part everyone has liked it. In fact, I'm hoping to get a contract soon, as one of the couples loved our house and was trying to decided between our's and one other. Our house was just a bit over their price range though, ugg.

Today I got feed back from two other couples. One did not like our tray ceiling in our living room....ok, I understand. Can't do anything about that.
But the other couple, they said there wasn't enough "frew frew." My realtor laughed when she told me. I just looked at her like, "What?" We both laughed. I said, "What is that suppose to mean?" We thought and talked about it and we have come to the conclusion that interpreted to be I don't have enough "junk" in my house...dust collectors, you know...crap.  The reason we think this, is because they stated that they liked this other house in the neighborhood (which is smaller and $20,000 more than our house) which has A LOT of frew frew. My realtor said she has been in the house, and it has A LOT of STUFF! My comment was, "Are they selling the STUFF with the house? lol"

Anywaaaaayyy....Gotta laugh at that!

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