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Sunday, April 15, 2012

buttons I sent

Now that my Button Swap partner has gotten her buttons, I can now show you what I sent her.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, SuzQ is my partner. She sent me all kinds of cool buttons. I've already made three things so far, and still have several buttons left.

I wanted to send her a special button...one that would remind her of Louisiana, but I had no luck. I looked EVERYWHERE for a fleur de lis button. I even had my daughter who lives in South Louisiana look, and she couldn't find anything either. So......I made one. We have a very nice fabric store here, one that you would go to when redecorating. I bought some fabric with fleur de lis all over, and made this button.
I think I might have to make me one too. Isn't it pretty?

The next button I chose was actually three buttons put together to make a flower.
It really isn't a big deal, as I got these buttons from Walmart. They actually have all colors, and I just love them. I new my partner would like them too, so in it went with the fleur de lis button.
Again, these aren't anything spectacular, but I like them. I have actually made some flowers out of buttons I have like these.
I've had this button for sometime. Not exactly where it came from, but it has a woody/lacy feel to it.
These are some antique buttons I found locally at Antique Alley.
Then at the last minute, I threw these gold buttons in. The one on the top is an anchor if you can't tell.
Well, there you have it. Now let's see what she does with these buttons...

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