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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fringed Lamps

I've had these lamps for a number of years. I've always liked them, but wanted to add something to them, like some fringe.

So, I headed to Walmart. STEEERRRIIIKE ONE! 
They might have gotten some of their material back but that was about it. New bulletin...If you are going to carry fabric (which Walmart REALLY needs to, you also need to carry other things that go with sewing...)

Well, then I headed to Hancock Fabrics.

Hmmmm...now what?! I really didn't want to drive all the way over to Hobby Lobby in West Monroe, just to find out they don't have any fringe either.

Oh wait a minute. There's another place. Kinda pricey, but they are an interior design place. They should have some. Maybe they'll have some on mark down or on sale.


Isn't it pretty? It was on clearance, so I got a good deal.

So I was off to my home to start the transformation. 
I really like it. Sure adds a lot. Even my oldest son said he liked it better.
Don't the beads glow nicely when the light is on?
If you decided to do this to some existing lamps, I do have one suggestion....use a HOT glue gun, not one of those cool ones. Doing this by myself, well, I had a hard time; by the time I got the glue on there, then sat the glue gun down, picked up the fringe, the glue was almost too cool. 

One more look--
You like?

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